Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Bloom day

It's Bloom day, once again.  If you aren't familiar with bloom day, it's where blogger from around the world how what is blooming in the garden on a the 15th of each month.  They are posted on May dream Garden.   I have not stopped gardening or blogging, but the last few weeks can be summed up as traumatizing.  The weeds have taken over the garden by inattention but I will try better next, I am going to enjoy them for what they are.....beautiful.    My computer is also messing up so I'll be brief until I buy a new one this weekend but happy bloom day just the same.   With a family wedding, taxes, etc...I'll be happy to get life back to normal!

The back rose garden

 Joseph' Coat
Encores are blooming

Alabama Beauty Camellia

Peacock Topiary

 Morning Glories are beautiful
It really has taken over the frame.