Monday, August 25, 2014

Journal Notes.....I Don't Like August.....

I know that seems a bit negative but the cabin fever is getting to me.  August in the deep south is like the rest of the country's January.  It is simply too inhospitable (unbearable) to be outside.  Ironically, I still like it over June.  That being said, I needed to plant sunflowers and prune the hydrangeas.  Even this was daunting.  The heat index is in hovering around 110 with uv at other words...don't go outside.
So I planted some...but the morning glory seeds that were left over are choking some of the sunflowers that have so far sprouted.

The shots will look hazy because the camera had a hard time fighting off the humidity.  I probably should have let the camera outside for a while to adjust.  I used left over, bactoe, black cow and mushroom compost.

I probably should have taken a picture from before but I gave the hydrangeas a heavy pruning.  They seem to love them

They were full of black spot so this will help.  Also, I gave them aluminum sulfate, and bayer advance two in one granules. 

I put on the drip system over night to soak them because the rain has been really sparse

This should do well in a few weeks.

Aluminum sulfate to make the blue and purple

I like bayer because it's systemic

I miss the rain so much I take a picture when I actually see it.  In any event, I suppose it's just summer blues..but I can't wait for cooler temperatures.