Monday, March 3, 2014

Journal Notes....Peacock screen and killing weeds

Being a CPA in the spring can be misery.  But I wanted to include these.  I wish I had time to provide more detail.
Partially screened it.  Yes, the grass needs to be cleared but if I waited until I had all the items in place nothing would ever get done.

Leaving openings for the moss

I used cornerstone to attempt to kill the weeds but nothing died!  I did it twice....they didn't even complain. It's like I sprayed spectracide or something.  Going to take it back.  I used a hose to outline the tail.  Think I will till it once I kill the grass.

Back of the peacock


Jean Campbell said...

Not being a fan of screen nor chemicals, I can't really address this but did you give the chemical time to kill grass and weeds? Sometimes you don't see dead for a couple of weeks.

Jean Campbell said...

Found another Roman-style garden for you:

Jean Campbell said...

I saw this photo and had a thought: You could plant violas and other winter-proof annuals in October and replant with summer annuals in April when the violas wilt and have a pretty display year-round.