Monday, September 15, 2014

September Bloom Day

It's bloom day...if you aren't familiar with it, you can see gardeners from around the world post what is blooming in their gardens and they post it on a wonderful site called Maydreamsgardens.  Yes, I have been MIA but I haven't given up gardening or blogging.  This time of year I tend to be a bit over it...(given that this is my third season)....but I haven't stopped....with helping family member with an upcoming wedding and volunteering with others and simply overwhelmed..something has to give at least temporarily.  But not forever......
These "wild morning glories" I fight a great deal...I should learn to trellis them because believe me, I can't kill them.
Back rose garden

Mexican Heather

The wild morning glory grow over everything.

Encores are blooming

My front field peacock...we have been a bit droughty lately despite rain everywhere else.

Despite cutting the morning glory that I intended....It overwhelms the frame a great deal

There are many colors that are blooming on it.

I really love the blue ones

White is coming to bloom too

You see how it has overtaken the head.

This winter I will do a better job..something I should have done last winter.

The tail will be greatly expanded despite being 20 feet now.

Wildflower area

Not sure what this is.

Sunflowers are blooming

Lily patch, yes the drought has not been nice.

roses are blooming as always.

So is the beauty berry

I gave the hydrangeas a hard prune a few weeks ago, hopefully they will be blooming in three weeks...I think they will...we'll see.

Hot and humid summer that doesn't seem to end.

Container plants


Jean Campbell said...

This has been a long, long hot summer. We garden better in the winter. I've planted Stokesia in January in the rain, much better.

I read this blog post about vines and thought of your morning glories:

Jean Campbell said...
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Jean Campbell said...
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Jean Campbell said...
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Jean Campbell said...

Oh, good grief! What is wrong with blogger. I kept trying to get it to take my comment and then there were 5. I'll try to delete them and then you'll have a string of 'deleted' messages.

Lea said...

Wow! Lots of blooms!
I'm a little late but
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

Terry Holt said...

Wow! Your blooms look so lovely! I wouldn't have guessed that your locale was droughty in the summer, from seeing all that vibrant verdancy, aside from the lily patch. The pool area looks gorgeous too. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures! All the best to you!

Terry Holt @ Land Tech

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Not sure why comments have been removed...I don't recall removing any...anyway, I'm still alive just working on a wedding back soon...

send flowers ot Philippines said...

Beautiful blooms! I love everything in that garden!