Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rose of the Week (and last week)...Knock Out and Blushing Knockout

I haven't been gardening long...but for a while, I didn't care for Knockouts but my opinion has since changed.  My initial dislike was because they did not make good cut roses.  However, they do make great landscape roses.  They do live up to the fact that they are extremely hardy and forgiving.    I have several types of knockouts. 
Knockouts are different than Double knockouts because of petal count.  Here are four.  Two knockouts and two blushing knockouts.  I bought them last fall at Wal-Mart for 2 dollars I think.

This the closeup of blushing knockout.  One complaint I do have...or at least, a suggestion.  Do not deadhead has tons of thorns.  It is very profuse in blooms...and were some of my first bloomers.  I do not believe they lost their leaves over the winter.
This is a close up of a Knockout.
Great rose for beginners or busy gardeners.  It's very forgiving.

Blushing Knockout


For more information on Blushing Knockout, click HERE.

For more information on Knockout, click HERE

This is them from last October.  They had tons of hips on them, but once I removed them, they started blooming.

 Overall, a great landscape rose for your garden

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