Saturday, June 14, 2014

Journal Notes...DIY Pool Liner, Peacock Feathers, and Lilies

Well, since tomorrow is bloom day, I best dump the camera and log it.  The pool liner has been out and the new liner has just arrived.  Of course, after weeks of no rain, now we can't seem to make it stop long enough to install it.  The pool is 18 X 36.  It has stopped long enough for my husband to do some of the prep work.

Evidenly under the liner is a concrete wall.  We have been pumping out the water...but the rain is being a bit sadistic..

Ignore the date.  Changed the batteries.

We got a 27 mil.  It costs about 1200. Odd something so expensive in a small package that isn't jewelry.

My husband removed the gaskets and been tearing off the liner.  He said he needed to repair some of the concrete.  He mentioned that the water under the ground maybe seeping?  Is the water table that low?  No idea...personally

Pumping out the water

Evidently pool lights are different than other lights.  He bought a normal LED light but it didn't fit.  So he bought a pool light...

He is gonna repair some of the what I think he said.

Peacock is coming along.  I have about 70 percent of the tail done.  I thought I ordered green food coloring.  I have found I had not.  The coconut liner must go in now.  The morning glory is a really fast grower considering they were just a sprout three weeks earlier.  So I am putting in the liner now.  Coconut liner ..not to be confused with pool liner.

Mom said the tail was plenty long enough but not wide enough.  You can't see the latest feather of red salvia very well but this feather is shorter and wider.  I haven't mulched it enough yet.  There will an identical one on the other side.  Then I am going to outline with mexican heather.  That should (hopefully) remedy any width issues.

They are growing I feel at a decent rate.  

Morning glory, really really grows fast

It is already climbing to the neck.  The next three pictures shows what they looked like three weeks ago.  The first one is the same plants that are above.  Look at the date!

Now that is fast.

Now I am a little worried it might smother the confederate jasmine.

Not gonna take long now for the peacock to be covered.  Last night I started installing the liner.  Didn't take a picture though.

The wheel barrow gives a sense of the size.  Tail is about 20 feet long.

My Aunt Agnes' lilies are blooming.  Along with the weeds.  Trying to take care of one thing at a time.

I have learned the difference between the daylilies and regular ones.  My clue in, is that the regular ones last long than a day :)

Encores aren't blooming like they used to.  I know why though.  I used to feed them constantly.

Can't believe it is the middle of June and I have yet to feed them.  Ah well...have been weeding though.

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Jean Campbell said...

Another clue to daylilies: the leaves are not more than an inch wide and grow in fans. They have no bulb, just fleshy roots.

Your rose color lily is a Crinum. Notice its wider, strappy leaves that kind of grow in a circle, coming from a bulb. Some Crinum blooms last only a day, some for a little longer.

The more projects you take on, the longer it takes for routine maintenance on existing gardens.

One thing about morning glories, if they're taking over, you can just pull them by the roots. The jasmine is permanent -- morning glories are a one-season shot except that they reseed like crazy -- jasmine won't mind a little competition and shade.

The peacock is turning out nicely. Mexican heather will make a big difference.