Monday, June 2, 2014

My Garden is Still Not Ready to Be Shown, a Month Later

Well, my MIL wanted see the gardens and asked.  I asked for a month.  I have been diligent in working in the gardens but they are far from being done.  I have resolved that it won't have to be perfect but it still needs to be better than what it is right now.
I have a pond in front of Savannah bird girl.  It was a smartpond kit with a pump.  I have bought two packages of nozzle to fit the one I lost and none fit.  I suspect it is a "starter" pump.  Thus, I have a new one on route.  As a matter of fact, I have lots of things on route.  A new pool liner, a new pump, new solar lanterns, and green food coloring for the coconut liner.

I had not mowed for a few days (more like five) mostly because of rain, some because of laziness.  So yesterday, I made up for it.  I probably should have worked on the peacock but the rain reprieve offered some time to mow.  And mow, we did.  Both my husband and I.  I am sore today no less.  It feels good outside.  It is supposed to rain but I have a feeling it will not and I should be outside working, but I am not yet.  I mowed, mainly the front field where the peacock is.  The grass was getting long.  I noticed that the tulip trees were in bloom again.

The property does look so nice when it's mowed.  I am trying to buy a zero turn mower, but the place where I want to get it from still has not fixed it.  It is a trade in that needs some repairs.  I couldn't afford a new one.

I had ordered the peacock it feather and I HATE it.  I thought it would like a dark green feather duster.  Instead, it is the lime green singular feather.  Back to the drawing board on the head piece.

Perhaps an old fashioned feather duster?  Who knows.

The morning glory I planted is certainly sprouting.

There is English Ivy there as well.  The peacock has done incredibly well with all the rain.

The rows seem to be doing well.  When the green food coloring comes in, I will color the coconut liner to make it look...filled in.

Some areas have to be mowed by push mower.  Even though this does not look like it, this is on a downward slope.

When the lanterns go up, the trees around the nearly 1/4 mile drive needs to be trimmed to keep from scratching cars.  Also, it hard to see the drive at night so two of the lanterns will be on hanging on the outside of the canopy to gauge the drive.  If you miss, you go into a steep ditch so you can see the need.

It does look park like when it is mowed.

Ironically, the chinese lanterns from China, did not last long.  The ones I used to buy was from Lowe's but they stopped carrying them.  Lowe's brand lasted forever.  I have bought 10 white ones.

The pennington wildflower patch I planted two years ago, reseeds every year now.  It is starting to pop up.

The place where the peacock sits is approximately 2 to 3 acres.  The property itself is 15 acres.  6 in front of the house and 9 in the back.  The gardens only span about 7 acres...but it is a lot of care.

The next feather on the peacock will be shorter and wider, and finally with a mexican heather outline.

 I mowed around the lily and wild flower patch around the arches.  Some of them are starting to bloom.
I think these may be daylilies.

I don't think this one is, however.

This is like an easter lily.

Instead of squares like last year, I have opted for lines.

My "creepy" tree that I got in North Carolina on our second honeymoon.

The creek is in bad need of manicuring, and putting the hammock back.  The roses are need of everything.

I should just move them.  Perhaps in the fall.

Roses along the drive are faring better but close to being in the same boat.

My husband has been working hard in the barn, and out.  I haven't had the opportunity to mow around it, because of his tools.

Around the pond, there is wild morning glory.  I have pondered transplanting it to the peacock.

Replacing the fountain pump.  I works but I can't find nozzles for it.

Savannah bird girl.  The split leaf philodendron that I thought died lived.

Trees in front of the house needs the limbs trimmed.  When I moved here you could not see the house for the undergrowth.  It is getting that way again.

Hydrangeas have started to bloom, despite me. I don't recall feeding them but I may have.

I haven't added aluminum sulfate to keep them blue but they are coming up blue except for a few flowers on the same bush which will look pink.  I find that odd.

Needs trimming.

The pool liner is en route.  It will be darker.  Now if I can just find the pool fountain.

Coconut liner that I am about to attempt to color green.

What a mess, right?  But in two weeks it will look fabulous!

My husband mowed the back field.  What a difference cut grass makes.  Despite the weedy rose garden.


Jean Campbell said...

The rose colored flower is a Crinum.

I'm sorry your peacock feather disappointed. Maybe something to suggest feathers rather than real feathers? Seems like I saw one with a stained glass frill.

The reason for some pinkish hydrangea blooms is usually some bit of lime in the soil, maybe where some mortar was dropped during building the house or a piece of limestone rock. Mine sometimes have pink blooms where water drips off the birdbath rocks that are limestone. Are the blues darker this year or is it just my imagination?

A big yard is a lot of work.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I usually use aluminum sulfate to keep the blue...I don't recall if I used any this year however...