Sunday, November 9, 2014

Journal Notes...Greenhouse Construction Continues, Polar Vortex, Colors of Fall

Well, my husband continues to work on the greenhouse.  It looks like a house!  He makes it seem so easy!  Next week the news is reporting a polar vortex.  I will be honest, when, I  feel reports on the news are highly overdramatized (to be polite) and my internal monologue thinks, you are telling me things to make me watch commercials....the more horrible, the more inclined you feel people are to watch.  I actually didn't watch the news, my mother told me of it.  I get my information online.  All that being said, it will get cold next week.

The polycarbonate is very "wavy".  I asked what will be done about the "cracks."  He said is putting a ridge cap.

I will still need to recover the floors at the least but at this juncture I will be in the least, this weekend I will be.

I wanted to take a good look at the flowers before I do not see color for 3 months.  I opted not to put rye grass down this year...but I feel some has reseeded from previous years.

These camellias are to bloom in the spring, I thought.......

I think roses really like the cold.

First Prize

Don Juan

Blue Girl

Weeds are dying away, maybe that is why it looks better.

I believe this Belinda's Dream, but I am not real sure.


Black Bacarra is unusually large from what I am used to seeing.

 The leaves of trees are starting to change.

The above were taken yesterday. The ones below were taken this morning.

My peacock is named after a dear friend who died a year ago today.  Joe.  I cut some of the flowers and visited him today....miss him still.


Jean Campbell said...

A low of 38º is predicted next Friday. I don't get alarmed until freezing temps reach us but it looks as if we will get cold if the Polar Vortex keeps moving this way.

For the 'wavy' polycarbonate they sell a scalloped looking piece that closes up the gaps. Everything is looking good for your GH.

I agree that roses like the cold until it gets so cold they are 'freeze-dried.' We have little patches of brown grass where that early frost settled last week.

I decided against rye grass, too. We'll have little patches of volunteer grass here and there to satisfy my need for green. Down the road about 3 miles there is a gorgeous huge field of some kind of winter grain. I love seeing that.

If you have Larkspur and Poppy seeds, it is time to scatter them this month.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I am intrigued by the poppy and larkspur, but I really wanted to work on maintenance this year so I opted (and believe me it can be hard, especially every time I see your burrow's tail) to not do anything new until I get what I have under control....

Jean Campbell said...

Did you forget Bloom Day? I know you must still have some roses.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

That is one thing I will never try to forget....have been working......but just posted...first real frost this morning, not a hard freeze, but a freeze none the less.