Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring's First Flush...Roses are about to take off!

I can't wait until April 15th (or April 16th rather) so I can finally breathe...I'm a CPA but it so nice to have the distraction of flowers.  I haven't fed the roses yet but with or without me they are about to take off...there are many flowers blooming but I wanted to grab a few shots.

Fuzzy picture but this Isabella, rose I grew from seed.

The side beds are in bad shape are will be weeded soon.

Bottlebrush are blooming and the early arrivers (hummingbirds) are starting to show up

You can see that some beds need weeding, the fact that you probably don't know what you are looking at (about six plants) should give you an idea


Jean Campbell said...

You are right. Roses won't wait. They will take off without you. After that first flush of bloom, you can cut them back and fertilize and they will appreciate it even more. Taking bouquets is the same as deliberate pruning and much more fun.

This spring has been much more relaxed for you.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Nell ...gardening wise it has but not work wise...I only have a few days left but it seems an eternity.