Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January Bloom Day

It's January Bloom Day.  If you don't know what that is, it's where garden blogger's around the world post what is blooming on a the 15th of each month and post them on May Dreams Gardens.  If you live in the US I suspect that my garden is similar to many.  With record lows, and an acute lapse of laziness...may garden is asleep.  Ignore the date below, since I have changed the battery.  Most of my personal flowers were in the greenhouse.  If you think that is cheating, I wouldn't blame you.  

Angel Winged Begonia

 This blue girl rose I had left for dead a long time ago but I put her in a pot and eventually moved her to the greenhouse.  After a year, she is finally blooming and what a bloom she has.

More begonias save from the brink of extinction (at least in my gardens)

This bloom has been here forever.  Baldo Villegas rose.

The bougainvilleas always seem to fare better in the greenhouse than outside.  I don't think I water them enough.

The greenhouse is messy but I am sure the plants appreciate the shelter from the very cold spell we have had  lately.

In an attempt to see what flowers were growing in the ground, I went next to the museum where I volunteered (and was recently put on the board).

The museum has tons of camellias and azaleas so I felt certain I would see some.  I did, but not as many as I expected.

Back on the home front, my holly's are showing red berries.

Rose garden has not gone completely dormant but it is asleep.

The only thing that seems to have a flower on it is the weeds.

But I do have tons of camellias planted and they are budding to welcome in the spring.


Lea said...

Wonderful to have a greenhouse, especially in a winter like this one has been!
Lovely blooms! I am especially fond of Begonias.
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

Jean Campbell said...

Bougainvillea sure does make a brilliant show under cover. Mama always longed to be able to grow it; I've never tried.

Looking at what gardeners farther north are showing for Bloom Day, I think we need to have more plants that smell good in winter. My tea olive blossoms turned brown but it took less than a week for new blooms to show up.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Lea...very cold winter

@Nell...I have three olive trees...I forgot about sense of smell is not that I want to look at them.