Monday, January 20, 2014

Rose of the Week....Moonstone

I am going to start to doing the rose of the week again..but I won't make promises.  Given that it's the dead of winter, I will have to use past pictures.  The picture below is from roses that I did not grow.  I ordered two bareroot roses last spring and gave one to a lady named Tracy.  I got the other one.  Her's have done fabulous and the picture below proves it.  Mine did so so....I need to take care for them more.
Perhaps one day I will.  Moonstone is a hybrid tea rose.  They grow four to six feet high and two to three feet wide.  They are repeat bloomers.  They have a slight fragrance but I have a very poor sense of smell.  They have blooms that average close to 5 inches.  I first saw the rose at Bellingrath Gardens and it supposedly does well down here.  It is not a pure white.  As you can see it has a touch of pink on the edges but an elegant rose all the way around.  For more information, click HERE.

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