Monday, February 10, 2014

Journal Notes...Never Ending Winter, Front-Bed Clean Up, Peacock construction, This and That, etc

The winter has been so long with no apparent end in sight.  My motivation and energy has been so low, not only for gardening in general.  But as spring slowly (very slowly) shows its signs, so do my activities.
I, opted to clean up the front bed.  I was much lazier than normal but I always have felt that it was better to do something than nothing.

The beds are extremely dormant and in need of weeding.

The good news about the cold is that I think it helped the tulips and daffodil's revive.

I didn't manage to pull these.  Believe it or not despite the minor increase of appearance, it took me several hours even with being lazy.

Memphis music roses need weeding.

Tulips popping up.

Ignore the date, this was the bed I was cleaning.

The solar lights are spent, I wonder if I can find replacement tops.

The tree I trimmed down but didn't get rid of the stump I am constantly fighting with.  You can see it behind this pittosporum.

It started raining so I took this on the porch at dusk.  Replaced fresh mulch.

Needed more mulch than I had so I had to get more.

The spent solar lights I used as a "rail" for the tulips and daffodils coming up.

Left the spent blooms on the hydrangeas.  I have learned when you cut them, they want to grow.  My thinking is not to get them out of dormancy.

My husband has begun constructing the peacock frame.  He, initially, tried doing it on the floor.

You can see the outline of the grid he was using as an outline.

He took pencil to do it.  He didn't want me to take pictures because he felt this was not a good choice, and felt a different platform was better.  I was insistent because it's more about the learning process than the success. 

Rebar bender he uses.

Laura cat

Given the fact that the peacock will be in the front field and an attraction to trespassers, we opted to put in a gate.

Daffodils and tulips I planted here, over 150 show no signs of sprouting in the front field.

One iris decided to show up.

The oaks are very bare.

Lilies are planted.  I am starting to tell the difference between the ones who can handle freezes and the ones who don't.

I am starting to gain a pattern.  During the winter, I decorate a room inside and the rest of the year outside.  This year I opted to redo the foyer.  I am dichotomous in that I like "dark" inside and bright and colorful outside.  My interior decorum "preference" is in between Gothic and Victorian but subtle.

I wanted a crystal chandelier.  One might deem it staid or even pretentious but I call it beautiful.  I put a medallion is as well...and very happy I did.  The chandelier is not finished yet, we broke a few of the pieces...and the lights are too bright.

Bought flicker flame lights but they were too dark and halloweeny even for me.

Next day, bought more mulch to complete the bed.

Fed the azaleas and the daffodils and tulip.  Azaleas typically bloom constantly but haven't seen them bloom for some time and chalked it up to being hungry.

Pittosporum clean up.

Next chore is to clean up the weeds and remulch on the side bed.

Water pump to drain one of the fountains.

Husband opting to construct the peacock on a different platform.

Husband's man "cave" and his wall of weapons.

Front yard.  Rye grass is patchy to say the least.


Camellias are about to bloom

Freeze knocked out the power and some plants burned in the greenhouse but didn't die.

Most are doing well.

Staghorn fern burned a bit.

Angel wing begonia has looked better.

Greenhouse had rips that we keep repairing.
Got new face plate for the foyer

Completed the chandelier.

Beautiful dusk sky.


Jean Campbell said...

Ask your sweet husband to open up the solar lights and see if they have a battery that needs replacing. They'll need rechargeable batteries. I have some decorative outdoor lights that do.

When the handsome sons are home, ask one of them to change the date on your camera, or just turn it off since you date your journal entries.

Daylilies come in three types: those that stay evergreen, those that die back in a freeze and some that die down in fall but they'll be back. True lilies usually stay dormant until spring but they might put up a little leaf. Crinum lilies and other tropicals die back completely in a freeze. They'll be back in summer. Not to worry about what is going on under the ground.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

So if I change the battery that well work?? I see them but being a "slow learner" I don't know if all that it needs. But I will definitely try that...In respect to the camera, I just get too lazy to remember to fix it....sons are at college...don't know if I'll see them again, they are having so much fun.