Saturday, April 26, 2014

Journal Notes...Dig a Hole and Put a Plant in It.

I would have posted this earlier but I was so excited about my rose blooming...that I had created (well truly by nature).   Anyway, I am very good with may not think this is relevant but I am only an expert at one   That does not mean that I know everything about taxation (because that would be a fearsome creature to behold).   But the reason why I mention computers...and as my ex-husband used to say....   I throw a bunch of sh** on the wall and see what sticks....   I never cared for his off-color language.  In any event, that is what I am attempting to do with my garden.  With 15 acres and my ebbs and flows of motivation, if I want a property full of flowers I have opted to use wildflowers...and lilies.  My wonderful Aunt Agnes gave me many, many lilies.  She even labeled them.  As we were unloading hers and was loading my container plants to her and my Mom, we got in the discussion of flowers.  Finally I said, " I think all flowers are beautiful."  She concurred and agreed.....she said "even weeds."  Sometimes I post about weeds and people take it the wrong way.   When I mean weed, I ASSURE you I do not mean anything other than plants that I did not plant.  (I HATE illicit drugs) annoys me to no end when people think I mean otherwise.  In any event, I finally was able to plant my most gracious Aunt's gifts.
I planted them with the others.  I, initially, planted these in mow-able blocks...but I found this to be a bit cumbersome.  I do not know if these are day lilies but I suspect not.  So given that they have a limited bloom time I planted things in between.

My Aunt Agnes' yard must be magnificent. I posted it in an earlier post.  I will go visit her gardens in full bloom so I can how beautiful they are in person.

Last fall, I went to Dollar General and bought up all the seeds that they put on sale.  I think I paid anywhere from 5 to 10 cents a pack.  What I do is dig a bunch of hole and put a few packs in.  What lives, lives, what doesn't I lost a nickel.

The arches I meant to actually be a wall.  So I bought a bunch of morning glory seed.  What I think I am going to do is mow here, plant a ton of packs of the morning glory seeds I have.  Run wire between the arches have morning glory fill it up...remember, I am clearly an amateur who had more ambition than motivation and knowledge.

My husband has bought some peat moss which I hope is the same as spanghum moss.  I am going to screen the bottom.  Put in a filler.   Finish screening the peacock and tack the jasmine.  Did I mention it's my 40th birthday on Sunday?

The jasmine is blooming.  I am thinking of putting english ivy on the trunk.  It will give a bicolor but I think that will be okay.

The pool cleared up a bit.

The roses are ablooming


Anonymous said...

have a wonderful birthday love you mom

Jean Campbell said...

As best I can tell from your photos, you have Crinum lilies -- the ones with wide leaves -- and daylilies.

True lilies like Stargazer and other Orientals, Asiatic and Trumpet lilies grow from a bulb with a single stem with leaves all the way up the stem.

They'll all be beautiful when they bloom.

I am not going to tell you how I think you should plant your seeds since mine are still unplanted. You will laugh to know that I planted my tomato plants in among Toadflax (a wildflower) and Poppies that are going to seed.

Have a super brithday.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks to you both. My Aunt Agnes wrote on the bags...but I am not concerted enough to label...I think they will be beautiful....