Sunday, April 20, 2014

Journal Notes...Easter, Massive To-Do List

Well tax season is finally over.  And my to do list has piled to overwhelming lengths.  One thing I am pretty sure, there will be no new garden sections for a while.  I have finally realized how massive they are becoming.  I used to have more energy but my 40th birthday is next week.....and I am trying to pretend it's not.  I forget a lot this is a hobby.... and when it stops being fun, it stops being a hobby.  The only thing I am opting to do is to make reachable goals to get it (and me) back into shape.  Even as messy as it is, it is really pretty this time of year.  Throughout this post, I will be posting the chores......
You know I have gained an appreciation for weeds and wildflowers.  Number one, I don't have to take care of them.  The clover and the purple flowers along the drive.

My husband was sweet enough to mow with the tractor.  First thing on my to do list is by a riding mower.  Yesterday, just mowing the front of the house and the back rose garden took hours.
The ornamental trees need to have the weeds from around it pull.

Of course, the top of this list is really finishing the peacock.  This one should be taking pretty good shape soon.  Next step is to till the tail.  I want to level out the dirt.  Then screen the bottom...with cardboards? and fill it.  Then screen the remaining bird and intertwine the confederate jasmine.  Hopefully, I can get my husband to till it next week if it ever stops raining.

Clover close up

No idea

The tail had been killed with touchstone but if I don't till soon the weeds will start growing back

I have not quite unleashed the conferderate jasmine yet but it seems to be doing fine

I don't think it will take very long to fill in.

Tail from the back of the bird

Starting to bloom a bit

Yellow flowering weeds growing around the perimeter of the tail.

My husband almost got stuck in the wildflower bed.  Probably will not mow it.

Going to replace the lanterns

Wildflower bed around the husband almost mowed over Aunt Agnes' lillie but phew...he didn't

Need to mow around the curve.

Roses near the creek need a lot of maintenance

American Climbing blaze

The climbing golden showers needs to be supported more.  Perhaps running a horizontal wire between the pole and this wire.

Creek needs to be cleaned up

Knockouts along the drive needs to be weeded and reirrigated with a timer

Savannah bird girls fountain needs to be replaced

I thought the split leaf philodenderon was dead but it's coming back

Gold medallion really needs to be moved

Icebergs aren't doing too bad

Daffodils in front to the house refused to bloom

This weed behind the hydrangeas I have pulled sooo many times by the roots...keeps coming back

Encores are doing well.

Hydrangeas need to be pruned

Memphis music isn't doing well...but I think it has had too much water lately.

 Joseph's coat on the side of the house.  This was a dollar general rose and is doing very well.

Back rose garden....almost overrun with weeds

This is too crowded.  I am giving my mom some of the japanese yew

The climbing golden showers needs to be repegged

Today's chore?  Clean the pool and put back the fountain.

Weeds over run a lot of the rose garden and its screened!

Need to finish the pathways.

Tomorrow's chore maybe to pull weeds

 Knockouts look lovely this easter

Need to finish this section

Mow around the azaleas, camellias and crepe myrtles

So many container plants...and many plants that need to go in the ground

Greenhouse needs to be repaired

These I have cut down but popcorn trees are fast trees

The weeds under Aurora need to be pulled and the mexican heather that I left the tops on need to be cut.

This only a part of my to do list


Jean Campbell said...

There's a little terra cotta sign in my garden: "So many weeds, so little thyme." My thyme all died but weeds are still trying to take over.

Your weed called 'No Idea' is I think, Florida Betony. Pull up some by grasping near the roots so that as much root as possible comes with it. If the roots are white and sometimes a piece comes up that look like snake rattles, that is Florida Betony. The only kind thing I can say about it is, sometimes it attracts bees and other beneficials.

It seems overwhelming when winter leaves and suddenly everything is green and growing. One task at a time and 40 is more than 30 years younger than me. You will get it done.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I have seen those rattle snake looking tubers in the ground...I have pulled that thing up by the root so many times....I love the terra cotta signs,,,,,You are 30 years older than will take me 30 more years (at least) to get to you gardening acumen :)