Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Journal Notes...Do Something, Anything

Now that tax season is over, I have to address all things I have not.  The task is overwhelming but I have discovered (or at least I think) that do something..anything.  I gave away most of my container plants.  The ones that do not go on the porch are much  harder to take care of because they are away from the house.  In return I received more plants...lillies and roses.  I find that things in the ground work much better for me.  Yesterday I would say I was sick but I think it was just plain exhaustion.  Today feeling a little more rested (not much)....I opted to choose a gardening chore  fun thing for the day.  I will need to plant the lillies I received.
I got some Lowe's gift cards and asked my husband to pick up some spanghum moss so I can fill the peacock.  I will pick up some dirt today to plant the plants that were not in pots. Most of which you see go on the porches in the back

Lillies my Aunt Agnes gave me.  She also gave me a canna so I will need to look to see where those need to be planted.

 I have about five or six roses that need to go into the ground.  I know what four of the six are.
Not sure what this one is but it's pretty

Some roses really don't take off until more established.  This William Baffin rose has opted to bloom.

Oh all the weed in the rose garden...and this is screened!  They use the mulch as a medium.  My mother keeps saying to use more mulch but it acts as medium after a while.  So I do not think that is the answer.  Pulling them is.

Knockouts have been blooming for quite a while.

My chore the other day was to clean the pool and put back the fountain.....well, the salt water pump thingy went out and I can't find the new fountain....however, it has been fixed and I think I know where the fountain box is....  E for effort, right?

Climbing golden showers have done real well this year.

This section near the house is overplanted.  I gave my mom the japanese yew, per her request.

The privet bushes that I cut down and screen have found their way up.  Don't you wish the plants you do want would be so hardy?


Jean Campbell said...

There are not many fun tasks this time of year, mostly hard work.

Good trade, potted plants for daylilies and a canna. Cannas tend to make big clumps and grow tall, so it can anchor the corner of a bed somewhere.

I am not a fan of landscape cloth, so I can't advise you about the use of screen. Dig, dig, dig; pull, pull, pull. If you don't get the roots, privet comes right back.

Looking forward to the Peacock.

Flower Freak said...

You have so many wonderful ideas......Your gardens are going to be spectacular come June!