Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rose of the Week....Fragrant Cloud

I usually pick a rose that I have had a while...but Fragrant Cloud is my newest rose.  I, also, like to show when I have a full flush.  Fragrant Cloud lives up to it's name.  I do not have the greatest sense of smell..but it's fragrance is unmistakable.  
I got this one as a potted plant from the co-op.  I have a lot of good luck with those roses...
They call the color coral red...but I would call it peachish orange...maybe that is coral red.  It does make huge blooms.  The roses average about 5 inches and the elegant shape that I love so much.   

It's hardy from zones 7 to 10...  Like 90% of my roses..they are all it will be interesting to see when it is mature.
It's a hybrid tea...and according to what I will get five feet tall..and wide....the rose garden is going to be packed when these roses grow up....
For more information on Fragrant HERE


Jean Campbell said...

It is going to be interesting to see how the garden grows next year when everything gets a good hold.

Dolly Parton is another good rose of a similar color to Fragrant Cloud. Coral color roses are gorgeous.

The rain has just now reached us.

rusty duck said...

That's a beauty.
I do not have a good 'nose' either... it takes a really fragrant one to get through. But then I can appreciate it all the more when it does!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I have seen the Dolly Parton & it seems beautiful...I remember HolleyGarden mentioning there are those who love Orange roses & those that don't. Everytime I look at one...I can't help thinking what she said.