Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Gardens of October ...Is Its Name....One Day

On the 15 acres, that I intend to die a million years...I hope to call the gardens the Gardens of October.  I love the month and there is no more beautiful month here than October.  I did some pics to review what I would like to see in years to come.  I divide the gardens into very large sections.  In front of the house there is 6 acres.  In the back, is nine.  The majority of the gardens are on the front six.

Front Field...approx 2 - 3 acres
This is the driveway entry.  Most characterize as a tunnel.  I would like to put spanish moss through to give it more mystique...

Along the drive at entry are tons of flowers...that I didn't plant.  The driveway is about .2 of a mile and very windy.  There are tons of wild goldenrod, butterfly bush, beauty berry, and these white daisy looking flowers.

I have planted a ton of ornamentals along the front edge...Tulip trees, willow, dogwood, and bradford pears to name a couple.

Willow tree is doing okay, not great but not struggling.

It's funny what visitors notice.  They have made the comment that you come through a tunnel and then you get a surprise after going past.

One day in a gazillion years...I'll have a gate and a paved drive but not in the foreseeable future.  The turns of the driveway aids in dividing my concepts.

Red clay does have erosion issues.

I don't know what this but it's everywhere in the front and I didn't plant nor do I take care of it.  I love plants like that.

This is the spot where the peacock will go.  Probably, next year.

Wild golden rod

These wildflowers I did not plant, this year.  I planted them last year and they reseeded.  We mowed it until June.

Wild beauty berry

Mostly zinnia and sulphur cosmos

Oaks with spanish moss

Can't see it but a golden rain tree and a peach tree.

This kinda of divides this section.  As you go around the curve, you come up to the "arches"

Red Maple

Wildflowers in front of arches

Crepe myrtles are on this side...not shown.

Juniper arches and wildflowers.  The idea is to actually make a wall.  I may plant something in between the arches to fill in the wall concept.

As you pass the arches, you come to the creekside.

Moss hanging over the driveway along with hanging lanterns.

Zinnias around the arches

I am hoping these will reseed as the other wildflowers did.  I want my cake and eat it to by having tons of flowers that didn't require my care.

Marigolds did very well there.



Roses in front of the creekside and lots of Spanish Moss.

The creekside is heavily unmanicured....will clean it up soon.

Passing the creekside you see oaks overhang the driveway which has lanterns and spanish moss over the drive.

Staghorn fern.

Birdgirl & Barn
As you drive further, you come to a split.  With Savannah bird girl and a fountain that I need to fix.

Along the drive here you see approximately 7 rose bushes.
Paradise roses that were along the front drive

This barn is in front of the house.  Something that drives me crazy.  I have planted a ton of plants in front of in an effort to one day screen it.

Drive split

Savannah Bird Girl, fountain, and spanish moss.

Front Yard
You begin to see the house.

Alabama beauty camellias and Junipers in front of the barn.

As you pass the split, you drive around to house.  I have cleared the oaks in front because you couldn't see the house before.  I, also, put spanish moss everywhere here.

Encore azaleas and endless summer hydrangeas are the front bed of the house.
Encores never seem to stop blooming.

Perwinkles are just now! coming back from last year.


Back Rose Garden

The piece de resistance is in the back rose garden.  I think people were as impressed by my outdoor curtains as they were with the rose gardens that are thousands of feet in area.
I highly recommend outdoor curtains.  They frame the back garden.

The pool is usually a fountain but I have to fix that as well.

Potted plants on the porch.  Mostly begonias.

Screened porch has a mass of ferns.


Rose garden

Granada rose

Blue girl

Double delight

Ketchup and mustard.  It's red in the front

Yellow in the back


Jfk rose

Don't remember

Double delight

Bougainvilleas starting to bloom

Touch of Class rose

Gold Medal

Europena rose

Fragrant Cloud

View from the L corner of the rose garden towards the house.

I haven't finished this garden but it's close

I am glad that I used the sky pencils because it would have looked too "flat" to me.

Ch-ching rose

Peach Drift


This rose garden is brand new.  None of this was here at New Years.  It has about 100 roses and 150 other ornamentals.  In a few years, I hope it will be as magnificent I envision.

I planted a mystic haze dahlia in the rose garden and thought it died.  I dug it up and put in a pot and it came back!

A quick tour of the one day...Gardens of October 


Jean Campbell said...

You will be surprised how the garden changes in just a few years and what you edit, change and add to every year.

What you call a 'tunnel' is called a canopy road here when the trees touch. A man raised on the Great Plains told me it was 'smothering' to pass through. I think a canopy road is special.

The best part of October is that it gets cooler. Walking in the gardens is a pleasure. Yay!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

It is just a beautiful time of year....although I think it is unusually warm. I remember my wedding which was on Oct 22....I remember going to the house...& it being cool enough to need a jacket....

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I am very surprised from last year to this year...

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a wonderful place you have. I love your winding drive and all of the wildflowers. Your different garden areas are very nice too.

Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

HolleyGarden said...

Janie - I am SO impressed with all you have done in such a short time!!! The rose garden looks fabulous! Give it another year or two - and WOW - it will be filled in and breathtaking. I love going through a 'tunnel' - it gives a sense of anticipation and mystery. I have six crape myrtles forming a sort of 'tunnel' at the beginning of my drive (which is much, much shorter than yours!). You have so much land to play with! Have fun, take a break when you need, and you will be amazed how fast it transforms into your dream. Loved the tour.

Flower Freak said...

What a wonderful haven you have! I love all the wild many wonderful plants just doing their thing.
Your roses are so impressive. You have so many of them and so many different kinds. I hate to admit it, but, I'm actually afraid of roses! Any I've tried to grow, which was many years ago, were fussy and dead before I knew it! I think of them as "difficult".....

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Sorry for the delay ...busy time for CPA..

@Nell...the tunnel gives a sense of mystery that I's still so hot here though...
@Holley...I wouldn't be too impressed...I don't how too many pics of shame.but I do try day I hope it will be as pretty as ya'lls ...maybe after I have a few years under my belt.
@Flowerfreak...I think my secret to roses is water....they seem to be more thirsty than most people realize.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Flower are too kind...thanks for the encouraging words...