Friday, October 25, 2013

Rose of the Week...Lady diana

I have been out of town for a few days, so I am still getting life back to normal.  I did not want to forget about the rose of the week.  Not sure what I will do over the winter but one thing that I was astonished by was all the knockouts I saw along my trip.  They were used in roadside medians!  I could not believe my eyes!  Anyway, the rose of the  Lady Diana.
I got her in March of this year.  I have a whole post on how fast this rose grew.  Click HERE for that post to see, you might be amazed.
The rose is a hybrid tea.  I am not sure why it has speckles on it, but other pics I see on the web has the same specks.  According to the web, it grows to five's already past that.  I am 5'3" & it's much taller than I am.  It does well in the heat, according to what I read it likes zones 7b and warmer.  

It's roses are approximately 5" roses & blooms in flushes... it's pale pink & has roughly 40 petals.  If you live in heat & humidity where the devil would sigh, I think this rose works very well.

When it blooms, it blooms all over....great for our heat....

This one gets some morning shade & afternoon sun. For more information, click HERE.

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