Thursday, November 7, 2013

Journal Notes...Rye Grass, Greenhouse, & Volunteer Plants

 Last year, I spread hundreds of pounds of rye grass.  This year, not so much.  Please don't mistake me, I loved it but I have learned something from last year.  I won't plant it near flower beds or potential flower beds.  I won't plant it so heavy that it snuffs out the grass of the spring.  I will, also, mow it instead of it getting so high it needs to be harvested.  Now that I am done venting, it was beautiful during the winter.  It, typically is a late time of year to be seeding but we have had a warm fall.  According to Ms. Deena, you need to seed when the daytime temps are in the 70's...which is now.
First thing I do is mow the grass down very short.  As an aside, I think rye grass is awesome for a lot of other reasons beside winter color.  It makes grass grow in places that it normally doesn't.  It loosens up compacted soil.  It hinders winter weeds.

This year I am taking concentration on some bare spots on the lawn...that used to be heavily trafficked by vehicles.
Below are picture of when I started gardening.  There were lots of bare spots on the lawn in 2012.

 In the fall I put down rye looked like this the following year.

 Much prettier than dead lawn.

So I went off to the co-op and bought a $25 bag of rye seed.

I got out my spreader & garden weasel.

I am going to lightly seed the backyard but last year I seeded so much that I think that it snuffed out the new grass.

Rye seed planted in fall 2012. It looked great until the warmer weather heated up & then my lawn was horrible looking as below.
So this year I am at least going to be sparing on the backyard
 Problem is my greenhouse has a single vesqueen sheet that deteriorated after the spring causing the tools in it to rust because of exposure.

My spreader wouldn't close because of rust....note to self...when vacating the plants vacate the tools.

When it was initially put up last fall.

It was awsome over the winter...but once spring hit..& all plants vacated the visqueen started to deteriorate.

What it looked like by the fall.  I will need to use a more permanent material next year, otherwise this will be an annual battle.

We covered with a tarp for a while but the tarp  deteriorated away after a while.

The center post started collapsing as well.

My husband recovered it with new visqueen.

My husband put in a center post.

This year he also put in an electicity box which is very useful for lighting and heat.

Also a water spigot...I don't know what is more useful.

Last year, when spring was approaching I put the plants outside of the greenhouse on warmer days.  There were a lot of them.

As a result, the mexican heather have gotten in the weirdest places. So I have lots of volunteer plants,

But that's a good thing because next year is the Year of the Peacock and the tail will be mostly Mexican Heather.
I believe this is from the Dallas Arboretum that I am going to replicate. Oh, this morning it's raining heavily & I left the rye grass bag outside....sighs..........


Jean Campbell said...

I am looking forward to seeing the peacock next summer.

Jean Campbell said...

Some time back, you asked about my topiary chickens. I forgot where I'd left them but I found them today, on my first web site.

This site will be taken down by ATT on Dec 4. I just found out when I thought to go look at something there. I am in a big project now to salvage all I can of these, work of 3 years or more. I appreciate them leaving them up as long as they did, because I haven't had an AT&T internet account in years. I can easily tranfer the HTML text but the photos will have to be saved and reentered when the site goes away and the links are broken. Sigh.

debsgarden said...

Wow! I look forward to seeing your peacock! I have never planted rye grass (no need with our thick zoysia lawn, which has been here ever since we came in 1985), but yours does look fabulous in the winter time. As for the greenhouse: I vote for a permanent material!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell...the frame hopefully will be put in the ground in December, thanks for the link.... reading your appears cold weather is coming so the greenhouse will have to be populated soon.