Monday, November 25, 2013

Will Roses Die or Burn in a Freeze?

Forgive me for my absence from the last week...& for the next few days which I suspect everyone else is probably in my boat with family commitments..  But OF Course! it will freeze the night before Thanksgiving when I have 20 people over & everything looks freshly burned but in the spring I planted bare root roses & it froze that night & they did  fine.  Here is that HERE.  I know the question sounds a silly question but what effect will freezes have on a blooming rose?  I cannot find much on the subject except HERE.  But I see others who have had freezes in the past & still have roses...I bet the answer is, it depends.,  What is everyone else's experiences?


Jean Campbell said...

Well, it's over and I wonder how your roses turned out? Mostly here they look freeze dried. The ones you saw after a freeze that looked pretty good were probably tight buds when the freeze came and then the weather warmed again.

Jean Campbell said...

I hope you are just busy and not sick. It's been perfect weather for getting early winter chores taken care of.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

All is well..thanks for asking...I am taking a much needed break before I begin on next year's stuff which I 'll probably start next has your gardens been...I am still mystified by camellias