Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Journal Notes...Surprise Freeze Warning...

You know what's annoying? have a surprise freeze warning..only for the weather to get back into the 70's in two days.  I usually do wordless Wednesday but I think I want this journaled. Last night, it was supposed to get to 34 F.  So in a mad frenzy I started populating the greenhouse.  My, those plants got heavy.  I used a dolly for most of them.

For my tender annuals, I watered them.  These coleus are under the house awning so they should fare well.

The Mexican Heather was my concern.  It's too late to dig them this time..I had an hour of daylight & well over 30...more like 50 if you include the babies...  It was too windy to only choice was to water & hope for the best.

The roses take a harder freeze to kill I think.

The banana trees will prob burn a bit.

Cassia in the back I believe to do not take freezes.  Last year, I greenhoused but space will be at a premium soon.  I will need to look up what a seedpod looks like.

Camellias are blooming.

Rushing to seal off the greenhouse in new visqueen.

Got most of the larger plants in...time for the smaller ones.

Watered as much as I could

A lot of the heather is exposed, but at worst the tops will burn.

Ran the irrigation system for the roses.

Back perennials are not on the irrigation lines.

Used a hose for the front perennials & annuals

This morning it was definitely cold.  So cold in fact that when I went on the porch with a tshirt, shorts, & barefoot...I ran back in...  My husband laughing at me...I said, "It's cold out there!"  So this picture was taken inside at the window.


rusty duck said...

Hope you had no casualties.
First frost here last night too.. brrr!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I don't think it froze...bad thing is that in 2 days it will be 75F so everything will cook in the greenhouse....sighs.