Saturday, November 9, 2013

My First Rose Show

I attended my first rose show and my first impression was that I could not believe how incredibly friendly everyone was.  I am used to meeting nice people but these people were incredibly amiable.
When I sheepishly mentioned I had over 100 hundred roses I had learned this was a feat... For once I felt proud.  The roses here were gorgeous beyond words.  This extremely nice lady ( I believe here name is Sally Menk)was very forthcoming in any questions I had.   This was run by the Pensacola Rose Society. 
You will have to forgive my modest camera work.  My camera cost $25 and I do not complain but appreciate my images are on par with the price of the camera & the experience of the photographer.  The roses were unbelievable.
They were set up in sections by category.  Given that this was my first rose show, I had no idea, what to expect.  

They set them up on tables for display.  

I believe the society host 2 a year.  I am a CPA ( in all that, that implies so spring might be out for me) but I know I will attempt my humble entry next year.

Just outstanding masterpieces of nature on display!

I loved this peach rose.  I had them explain repeatedly at what stage to display roses.  I have more degrees than a thermometer..but to someone who does not know me..I am certain, I seemed a bit slow.  I asked seemingly "simple" questions about how to exhibit roses.  I have no defensiveness to my "slow" demeanor so I tend to ask away...kind of like dancing if no one is watching.  I am confident in my general intelligence...& more importantly admitting that I do not know something...except I know taxes very well.

Blue girl


Memphis Music..I have three of these that I bought from Two Sisters

 The tags they use for the rose shows.
They have very separate types of entries.  For more specifics, click HERE

They had one type of entry that showed different stages of blooms.

This is the Rosie O'Donnell that looks like a large version of the Ketchup & Mustard I have.

They have different categories

I use a quarter a lot to give perspective to the size of the rose.

This looks like a Fire & Ice rose but forgive me for not getting the name.

Arrangement displays 


This nice gentleman, named Glenn, is a top winner of the  district & essentially of the show, was very forthcoming on what he uses in rose care.

Marlin's Day is his entry & wins a great deal of his show entries.  It's a ruffled version of Moonstone.  I asked him what he fed roses he said rabbit manure, milorganite, & something else that escapes me...but will be sure to ask write down, next time.

This huge yellow rose is called Elina.

I bought this because my grandfather's  name is Bienvenidos Villegas & coincidentally there is a famous hybridizer named Baldo Villegas...out of sentiment I bought it & will call it Pipo...after my grandfather.  Not to insult the rosarian but I am sure he will understand. 

 They gave me this wonderful arrangement for joining.

Who knows maybe one day one of my roses will win.


HolleyGarden said...

I have never been to a rose show. I can imagine how exciting it must have been! Oh, just to be able to talk roses to other rose lovers must have been fabulous! Beautiful roses. I'm glad you asked a lot of questions. That shows your interest, and I'm certain they appreciated someone wanting to learn.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

They were much more forthcoming than I ever expected. I volunteer a lot & have received less amiableness. They were incredibly nice people.

Tammy Kinney said...

Wow wonderful shots. And I have seen your roses and they are as beautiful if not more so than the ones in this show.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Tammy...Stormy weather is one of my faves...& it's not even mine but wonderful roses....was it Jim who donated them?