Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Anniversary(s) to Blogging and Gardening

I do not exactly the date for which I started gardening.  When I started gardening...I did not consider myself gardening as much as I was cleaning up the property.  I "fell" into gardening.  The property was littered with trash...left over mobile homes, car axles, rusty water pumps, construction materials...  After cleaning it, the gardening began but that was two years ago this month.  I started blogging one year later.  I, originally, was posting on show off flowers...but as my hobby continued I needed to properly journal my successes and failures.  I found blogging was a great concept to review I what I had done.  I wish I had taken pictures of all the trash but at the time, I just wanted to get it out my memory at the time.  One thing that is surprising is how different the gardens look over the two years.

I started with the front of the house.  The tree was cut at the bottom because you could not even see the front of the house originally.  I put in azaleas.

Front of the house 2012
Sept 2012
Spanish Moss installed
2013 wasn't as colorful

January 2012
Memorial Day 2012
Memorial 2013
October 2013

Drive to the Front Field
Best pic I have of it for 2012

2012 was more colorful than 2013 because I concentrated more in one section.  I didn't want to do so much water in 2013

I hated the fact that the barn was in front of the house.  I have been desperately trying to green screen it.
Planted camellias in front of it..but didn't know they were slow growing.

Put faster growing Junipers and a Tulip tree in 2013


The creek used not be seen from the drive.  It took me four months to clear it out.

I did not manicure the property as much in 2013 vs. 2012.  I concentrated heavily on one spot.  I feel bad in retrospect.  I hope to remedy this in 2014
2013 is unmanicured

Front field
I don't really have a beginning pic of the front field aside from the front
April 2012
Sept 2012
Planted wildflowers
Trying to divide off the front field put in arches.
Put in a lot of ornamental trees
Wildflowers were mowed down for a long time.  I didn't plant these but they reseeded...I let them grow.

I was so thrilled that I did not have to take care of these...I planted more.

Driveway split
March 2012
Put in a savannah bird girl sept 2012

Tried to grow flowers here.  It don't work well...It looked messy

Put in a fountain

Looked beautiful for a while but became neglected in 2013

I do not regret some of my "neglect"  2013 had a lot of infrastructure put in.  A dedicated well...hundreds of underground irrigation and spigots.  I got too ambitious but for all the lack of manicuring it did have a plus side.  The back rose garden.  Next year, I will do a better job..hopefully.

The following is the other reason for my neglect elsewhere.  Next year, I hope to "balance" better.


rusty duck said...

Happy Anniversary(s)!
It's interesting, I've had my current garden about the same time and I too felt it was better the first year, and for the same reasons. Once I'd got the worst of the clearing done I also started to focus on particular areas. There's only so many hours in a day!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Wow I would have never thought you had been gardening for ages. I am truly impressed.