Saturday, December 7, 2013

Journal Notes...Breaks, Weddings & Freezes

I have had an enormously buy week for unusual reasons.  Thanksgiving, license renewal, museum, freeze, burnout to name a few.  But I have learned to love winter break....I will be ramping up for a new garden season.  After three frost back to back, it has been in the 70's of course..with lots rain.  The fall trees are now revealing their colors.  I have been's has been rejuvenating to think of other things.  Last winter, I was much worse...which implies a strong spring fever.

The Bradford Pear trees are as colorful as the red maples.

Ornamental trees in the front field

The cosmos finally burned I will probably cut them own shortly.
Red Maple is a beauty

Another wildflower be that has burned.

Will probably mow but not remove them.

Gallardia seeds


No fruit though.

Climbing Blaze rose is faring very well... I think it likes the cold. 
Creek needs to be manicured.

Knockouts love the temps

Finally, I mentioned a wedding. I have a previous on the subject.  Click HERE. It appears my rose may host not only a wedding reception but provide the flowers.  This will be in the Fall....I am certain I'll mention it again. Lots to get going for next year...& next year will be the year of the Peacock... I'll be scarce  a bit then I will be full force like normal...... 

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