Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year In Review..What I Did Right & Wrong

What I did wrong....let's get the ugly stuff out of the way...

  • Underestimated weeds ... when I started out my large project, especially the rose garden...I did not screen them..thinking that I could keep it under control...wrong...it became a severe uphill battle.  I need to ensure screening and mulching..and even that doesn't stop them...but it does slow them down.  This is the post regarding my frustration.  Click HERE
  • Underestimated project times...I had way too many projects in the works. 
  • Let projects run away...  The back rose garden was just going to be a cutting garden
  • Neglected other areas of the gardens.... since I was centralized in one area...I largely ignored other areas.
  • Neglected maturity size...I am still moving plants that will clearly crowd each other.
  • Fall Burnout..I get such spring fever than I burn out.
  • Planted rye grass in November instead of October
What I did right
  • Infrastructure...I put in a dedicated well...ran lines out to the front field..so no more dragging hoses.
  • Planning...the back rose garden was thought out 
  • Irrigation...I put in automatic irrigation
  • Concentrating on One area...made a life a whole lot easier especially when plants aren't established
  • Formal garden...the sky pencils and the statues were pretty
  • Nursery closing...taking advantage of get lots of ornamenteals for pennies on the dollar
  • Wildflowers...learning that wildflowers are pretty and require little maintenance.
All in all it was a good year.  I think that the rose garden was fantastic.  But I will try to temper my enthusiasm. 


rusty duck said...

This is what gardening is all about, and tempering enthusiasm is the hardest thing. You'll never stop learning either, if you do you'll have stopped gardening. Have a great 2014 Janie!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks Rusty...spring fever has not hit me yet...hopefully, I won't go overboard this year.