Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Pool Liner Installation

My first recommendation is to have it professionally installed.  This took great pains to install.
There is a thin layer of concrete under the liner that needed to be repaired.  My husband is doing that in this picture.

The water table is constantly attempting to fill the pool.  We had to constantly pump it out while it was repaired.  I say "we" but it was my husband.

The pool is 18x36.  He ordered a 27mil liner.  That ran about $1,200.

I did opt for a darker liner, because I thought it was pretty.  They, also, say it will keep the water warmer, which makes sense.

Box was really heavy.

My husband managed to pump the water from the bottom.  How, I am not really sure.

After all that, which took weeks we installed the liner.

Wrinkles were a serious issue.  This is where I helped.  I went into the stairwell and tugged from the bottom, like a blanket.

While the water was filling, he ran a vacuum to the get the air out from the bottom.

This is before I tugged.  The instructions read that you need four people to help install.  I believe this.  The wrinkles definitely needed to be smoothed from the shallow in, or tripping would be more likely.

He covered the stairwell while the vacuum ran.

Wrinkles, ugh.

Once the liner was in place he had to cut a hole for the bottom drain.

Problem was, after he did that we discovered the liner was crooked.  He had to repair the hole after we shifted the liner and cut a new hole.

The pool is about 20,000 gallons so it took days to fill.

I did love the border

Some wrinkles smoothed out as the weight of the water came in.

We had to finally remove the ladder.  We had to cut it.  We will put it back but it caused a lot of issues in trying to keep the liner straight.

Once semi filled he cut the section that went to the stairwell.

He is repairing the original hole

Smoothed out the shallow end wrinkles...yeah.

He put a weight on the original hole that was repaired.

We still have one wrinkle but it is on the downslope.

Finally filled.  The fountain is a $30 floating fountain.

Done...well almost...ladder needs to be put back


Jean Campbell said...

Just in time for some really hot days. That was a lot of work.

Jean Campbell said...

Here's another stunning Italian Garden for you:

Tatayana's blog has lovely things. Peter at the Outlaw Gardener just featured her stunning garden on his blog.

Bernice Cunningham said...

This looks fantastic! We have a much smaller pool which needs some attention. It's currently tiled, but the liner looks an easier and more affordable option. Do you know if it's possible to install over the top of tiles? Or would it rub the liner too much?
The border looks just like tiles, so I'm very impressed! How is it lasting? Is it durable?

Bernice Cunningham @ Guardian Industries

Nicole Martin said...

Good post and as you are saying about DIY liner nothing is better than Pond Liner Repair