Saturday, July 19, 2014

Showing My Garden That Isn't Ready to Be Seen.

My inlaws have asked to come see my gardens.  I have tried feverishly to get it ready for showing but they are just too huge.  I said let's show them on 25th.  Will it be ready?  Not at all...but I had resolved myself on two things.  One, it's a hobby.  Secondly, it looks better than we they last saw it.  The link shows what it looked like last time there were here.  I am glad they are coming to visit..I think they will see it with different eyes than I.
I have tried to finish the tail.  You will notice a highway in the background.  Last week when my mother and I were working on it a Town and Country truck broke down?  It sat there for an hour and half approximately.  Mom said that someone got out of the truck and looked at the hood.  Two other trucks showed up too....and they didn't look at the truck.  When we finally went inside...I walked my dogs and they were gone....I can be vain and think they weren't broken down but watching...a girl can dream.
The butterflies are a nice addition to the garden and they are everywhere.

Evil kitty on the amirillary 

Today it has rained about three inches.  Did you notice the peacock was a bit underwater.....
Even with the trenches I dug, still has standing water.

 Those white flowers still need to go in the ground.  Forget their name but the hummingbirds like them.
I will say the new mower has helped immensely in keep the grounds cut.

Wildflower patch, it's self seeded.

I planted sunflowers two days ago for my sister's wedding.

They have started to sprout

I do not intend on any expansions next year.  Next year will be about maintenance.  But I do want to put wire between the arches and put morning glory in on it to create a wall effect.

The peacock is smothered in morning glory.  I wonder when they will bloom?  The tail is twenty foot long and approx 10 to 12 feet wide...that is an estimate.

This is lilies and wildflowers here but the wild butterfly weed has taken over it.

I think "walling" this section will break up the garden more.

I did want the things they saw last time to look nice.  But the creek is simply overrun.

This tree fell out of nowhere.  Thankfully it missed the barn.

I got a new fountain for Savannah bird girl so this needs to be manicured a bit.

Hydras need deadheading.

I guess the encores need to be fed more.

Side rose garden.

Very overgrown with weeds and yes, I have pulled them a hundred times.

Side of the back porch.
Aside from the peacock, my MIL has never seen the back being redone.  You can't see it but there are a ton more trees on the left.  The one below is how it looked when she visited.

 This is what it looks like now.  Unfortunately the pool has turned brown again but we will have it blue soon.  We JUST replaced the liner.

This is what it will look like next week

The rose garden was put in last year....hundreds of plants.

This is what it looks like now.....:(

 I didn't plant these zinnias.  At least not this year....they self seeded.
One aspect of the rose garden looks nice.

Others do not.

Ah well, at the end of the day, is your garden ever truly finished?

Even the mess that it is in, I think they will think its pretty...I think it's pretty...I suppose have learned to enjoy it more, and freak out over it, less.


rusty duck said...

It's really coming on, your inlaws should be most impressed. No, a garden is never finished!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I agree Rusty, only when you are "pushing daisies" is it ever finished...

Jean Campbell said...

That Butterfly is a Red Spotted Purple. I know he's blue and all that but that's his name.

When your In Laws come, do not apologize for what didn't get done. Do not point out what doesn't look good.

Call attention to the pretties and talk about the best parts. Mention how hard your Honey has worked on all this.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Great advice Nell...some of it is apparent..but I agree with what you suggest

HELENE said...

Hello, I haven’t been here for a while and I can see you have worked hard! With such a large garden it is wise to get on top of the weeds as soon as you make a new bed so you don’t spend vital time having to weed it over and over. I can see you have used liner and bark mulch in some of your beds, it is important to have 2 inches of mulch in all beds to preserve moisture and also make sure the liner don’t show. But to avoid getting the weeds creeping back into the beds you can use a wider edging, with for example paving slabs on the margins you can simply mow over the edge and the grass won’t get into the beds.
Looking great so far, your peacock is an amazing project and I look forward to seeing it finished when the plants are mature. Have a good week!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks so much, Helene....I have admired your gardens, many times....
@Nell...that is weird but they call "blue" roses when they are really purple.

Martine Alsace-Vignoble said...

Hi, what a change, you have worked hard! I see that you've used liner in your rose beds. I've done the same and found some cheap mulch around here to cover the liner. But then we live close to forests so there a lot of sawmills around.
Come and visit, you'll find many before and after pictures and plans for planting on my blog. But most of it is in french. However, google's there to translate!
Have a nice summer, Martine

A garden in Alsace France