Monday, July 21, 2014

Journal Notes...Random stuff, Garden Must haves, Creek Clean Up, & Blooming Morning Glories

The following post will be very, very random...but I have learned that it does come in handy sometimes....
Does anyone have a ton of beat up shoes?  

Bug spray

Dogs and Cats


Hat, if no other reasons to keep the bugs off your face

A bit off topic, but I am loving the zinnias that I didn't plant.  In the fall I usually take the dead zinnias and throw them around the borders that I don't mow....

It has rained so much lately...

Gonna clean up the creek and pond....or at least try.

Pull up weeds, I can't find the new pond pump I ordered and I am gonna use pond cleaner

Currently there are frogs in there.... I didn't want to tackle fish.

Gonna replace the wood solar lantern for a plastic one.

Creek was overrun with weeds...

I wouldn't be able to have a large rural garden without using a well...

Having large equipment helps a great deal in the garden, plus the capital investments I have put in, like irrigation pipes

Did I mention an incredibly wonderful and, patient, supportive and talented husband...has been awesome.  I could not have done what has been done without him.

Random picture of a cardinal.

Replacing the solar lantern earlier with this one.  I bought some of these at Target before and hey have held up quite well.

Husband bushhogged the creek.

Peacock drained away but it's raining again as I write this.

Needed to trim up the peacock.

He also bushhogged the front field...My mower is awesome but I am concerned about holes.

The heavy rains I think have covered some of the sunflowers.

I was scared to clean the creek a bit because of snakes.  They seem to come out when it rains heavily.

One day I'll get the creek right..

Back rose garden is looking more full...prob cause of the cooler weather.

Battery operated hedge clippers...and hand saw.

Migratory birds I have been seeing a lot lately...but the hummingbirds I haven't seen a few days....not sure what these birds are.

July is always good for plenty of rain.

Weeded the Mexican Heather....where have the bees been?  Even called the local honey maker asking...

Moved some of the spanish moss to other trees

Morning Glories finally have blooms!

I think they don't want to bloom until they have reached their length....

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