Sunday, July 27, 2014

Showing a Garden Two Years Later.....

I married my husband in October 2011.  We were so out of shape hiking during our honeymoon, that we swore when we returned home, we would start working out.  We live on 15 acres with a quarter mile driveway.  While working out I really took notice of all the trash and debris left by the previous owner of the property.  When I say trash, car axels, abandoned mobile home, boat trailer...  I couldn't take it anymore so I asked for Christmas for it to be removed.  After removing the trash, I realized how beautiful the property could be so on January 2012 I began gardening.  Six months later, my in-laws came to visit.  They recently asked to return again.  Feverishly trying everything cleaned...I felt that my ambition waned.  I spoke to my mother and she said something that made me feel better.  I said I think it will be fine...I don't many private gardens with this size and breadth.  She said...neither do I.  I felt much better....and relaxed.

When they visited, this is what it looked like.

Front Field 2012
This was the field in 2012.  It was a vast improvement since there were huge clay piles here.
Front Field Today

CreekSide 2012

Creekside Today

DriveSplit 2012

DriveSplit Today

Barn 2012

Barn Today

Front Yard 2012

Front Yard Now

Back Yard 2012
Backyard Today

They had to FIL had a medical procedure that he would have been unwise to walk over a mile in 107 heat index...I hope he feels better soon...I think fall is the best time of year here.


Jean Campbell said...

The Gardens of October! You have 2 more months to do things and roses will be wonderful in fall.

I hope he feels better soon. Mid-summer is never a time to tour in the Coastal South.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

What a beautiful transformation!

Martine Alsace-Vignoble said...

Hi! I jumped from one blog to another, and my eye caught the name of your blog...Alabama... Wow,I just had to stop and visit. Having lived for a few years in Decatur where I went to highschool before coming back to Europe, it's been a real treat visiting your garden and I well remember the HOT summers you have Alabama. My garden is also very young, we created it last year but it's sooooooo much smaller than yours! Come and visit! Best regards Martine
A garden in Alsace France

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Forgive my delay in responding....It has been crazy, with family in town.
@ Nell....what a memory you have...October (I feel is the prettiest time in the deep south).
@Donna...thank you for your kind comment
@Martine....I couldn't imagine the difference between France and Alabama...I have enjoyed all of the beautiful rose gardens in France via the wonderful they must be in person.