Sunday, August 4, 2013

Irrigation is a Beautiful Thing!

I, once, read that in the Deep South, our July is most people's December.  I beg to differ.  It's August.  July was fabulous but August epitomizes the "dog days of summer."  The heat index has been over 100 degrees and though rain is often, it isn't often enough.  I knew that was signal to finish the last phase of my incredibly long project.

 With thousands of square feet in this particular garden, mostly roses (roughly 95) they are very thirsty.  Today, even the established trees were whimpering.  I knew it was time to do this...or regret not.  I am very glad I included irrigation as part of my plan.  If you are going to have a large garden with high maintenance plants (i.e. roses) I highly, highly recommend irrigation.  Today, we ran the first zone of the irrigation.  I am using drip irrigation for several reasons.  Roses do not like their leaves sprayed, more efficient, not watering weeds, etc.   In previous posts, I go into more detail how to install...but it's rather simple.

I first laid out the 1/2 inch tubing coming from the manifold.  This has been wired to the back porch for my convenience...thanks to my awesome husband!

Not related, but First Prize is a truly beautiful rose.

Here is the manifold.  This will irrigate the roses.

I have several other plants in my garden but for the moment, I am only irrigating roses.  If I find other plants need irrigation, I will address it but roses are by far the thirsty...with the exception of the Pussy Willow which is also, on the line.

They look like a weird black skeleton across the massive rose garden but unless you want to water for hours in the unrelenting heat,....irrigation is a god send.

Yeah, one down..five to go.

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