Friday, August 9, 2013

Journal Notes....95% of the project done....What's left...

I, originally said that I was 88% done but when I think that I have been working on this since Christmas of last year...the number should be 98% but I still have lots to do.  If you don't follow my blog...I have been working on a massive rose garden for months...a very ambitious undertaking and I am in the last steps of completion.
This isn't really part of the project, but the pumpkins are starting to flower.

Male pumpkin flowers.

It's been really hot...heat index of over 100 each day despite the temps being in the low 90s or high 80s.  Yesterday, it rained everywhere BUT here...ever look at the weather radar and see the you are purposely being missed?  Joking...but not really.

Very cloudy and humid.  Behind the chairs is a mums, hydrangea bed.  That needs to be screened, mulched, weeded, and irrigated...not in the order.

Closer view.  I had started to screen but the heat was just too much.

The back of this rose bed has a little more screening and mulching.  This section will be irrigated today.

Problem is I have to run the tube across grass.  I have learned the hard way, that ...don't do that. You can't mow.

I have three sections that I have irrigated and three to go on the wired manifold.

Tubing running through the rose garden

Morning glories I planted along a fence...not related

Some are on battery powered watering systems and some electrical.

Sod stapled the tubes in place.

Once complete, I need to cover this very weedy trench that the pipe is buried.


Wouldn't know I recently cut these zinnia.  These are on battery powered timers.

This section needs to have drip irrigation vs sprinkler..because you see more weeds than roses.

Wild morning glories?

This section will also get drip vs sprinkler.


NellJean said...

I was wondering if the pumpkins were coming on, which they obviously are.

You could get a piece of conduit (gray PVC pipe) and run your tubing through that across the grass. Just take the shovel, lift and peel back the grass, put in the conduit and roll the grass back over it. If you bury the tubing, it will be hard to find. A hard piece of plastic pipe will be easy to find and it will protect the tubing.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thought about that. The manifold has pvc tubing running to it. I very seriously considering it...but I opted against because moving it in the future could be cumbersome....also repairing it. I had opted to screen that section. I have some roses that need to be moved. With irrigation in place, it will be less traumatic.

In respect to the pumpkins, I have no faith I will have any ..that way if I see a female will make my week.

The heat is so intense right now. This is when I am truly happy that I have irrigation.