Friday, August 23, 2013

Journal Notes..Garden Guilt, Seed Packs & Project

 Garden guilt is a phrase I thought I contrived but I googled it and it exists.  It's when you feel guilty about haven't worked in your garden....(I know that it's probably self explanatory).  I had been feeling guilty this past week...but then decided a garden is like a's supposed to be fun.  This week it finally rained here....a lot....  About 9 inches.  So I have been camped out on my backporch.  Not to admire the flowers...but the unending performance of hummingbirds, butterflies, cardinals, blue jays, moths, dragonflies.  What a delightful surprise to this newbie gardener.  It has been I let the guilt subside and decided this is why I have it in the first place.

I did do a little on the backyard project.  I screened the trench that housed the irrigation pipe.  I did use weedkiller but did not pull the weeds....there is no limit to my laziness sometimes.  I even rationalized it by thinking the weeds will act like a bumper to stop the erosion of mulch down hill.

My wonderful, loving husband has done so much for me this year..and now the gardens are starting to pay off.  I do think I will delay the garden party until next year.  This project was so ambitious that I have neglected the front gardens.  Next year will be prettier, because the peacock will be installed.  The blacksmith agreed to build it for me.  It will be my ONLY project next year...swear.

I am going to make this a path to irrigated the last zone and be able to run hoses through it.  I haven't fed the roses lately and with fall fast approaching I wonder if the well broken down compost in the bin would help?

This is the other section that has to be done.  It needs to be weeded, screened, mulched and irrigated but there is no end to my procrastination on it.

I am very happy about the screen.  I know clean up is a pain but it does slow down the weeds a great about 85%

The irrigation is also bringing the roses to life.

I have to be careful not to walk on the tubing that is partially hidden by the mulch.

I have to fix the pool fountain as guilt kicking in...

JFK rose....I recommend buying these potted vs bare root but they are lovely roses.

The zinnia fell over due to the rain and have some kind of black spot on them.  I also saw these orange looking ant things on them.  I tried to restake them but I soon discovered that the way they are laying it's an impossibility.  They have to stay where they lie.  I was going to deeply pruned them but with the hummingbirds constantly visiting ...I couldn't do it.

Pinata rose.  I normally hate the color orange but not when it comes to roses.

My pumpkins are not doing well.  There is a wierd oily film on the water...I can't figure out where it's coming from....there is no apparent oil source anywhere near.

Well, maybe next year.

I went to dollar general and bought 58 packs of flowers.....I was dismayed to finally find Mexican sunflowers.  They were 9 cents a pack.  I was going to scatter them around the edges of the property but I really wanted them for next year.  The packs read that they expire in December.  I would prefer to plant them in the spring.  Someone told me to put them in the refrigerator.  I think I may do that.


rusty duck said...

Other Half and I have constant battles over the irrigation pipes. He likes to see them buried in the soil, but then how am I supposed to remember where they all are? Needless to say he grumbles just as much when he has to mend one with a fork through it.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

The PVC is underground and the tubing on top. The tubing that is buried under mulch,...I wish it were not because it's easier to step on and dislodge an emitter...but even for all the work...what a godsend.

NellJean said...

The Mexican Sunflower seed will still be good next spring. The expiration date is for selling, not planting. Some seeds keep well for years, others need to be fresh. Seeds of Flowers that bloom in the early spring like poppies are best be scattered in November, summer flowers after frost is over in spring.

Those ugly orange bugs are called 'oleander aphids' in some places and 'milkweed bugs' in others. Try knocking them off with the hose, soap spray if that doesn't help. Nasty looking, aren't they? I saw some the other day.

Mama planted a JFK rose some 50 or more years ago. It was beautiful. The hardiest rose she planted in her rose phase was a landscape rose called Eutin, a pretty red blossom that was popular before Knockout came along.

I wonder if that oily film is something coming from underground where the trash dump was or if it's washing downstream in the creek? It isn't something in the finishing of the screen that washed off, is it?

I can't address the irrigation tubing. We put ours out for grapes, blueberries, pears and tomatoes temporarily and picked them up and stored when the rains came.

HolleyGarden said...

NellJean's right - those seeds will be just fine next spring. And I have had tons of garden guilt this year, but now that I am finally starting to get back out there, like you, I am enjoying all the little critters I see everywhere.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell...some of the seeds I have are california the other seeds will keep (without refridgeration?) and scatter the poppy...If this is the case, I want to go buy more ...

In response to the aphids, they are nasty and I am currently searching for milkweed (for monarchs)..good to know about those scary things.

The patch is down hill from the house...could be working it's way from the garage I suppose...we'll see..but not ideal for a patch next year.

@Holley..are you getting as much rain as we are?

NellJean said...

Scatter your California Poppies in November. They will appreciate if you make them a nice bed; don't just scatter them in grass and weeds or you may never see a Poppy.

Does something in your garage leak oil? We put used oil in a barrel and the reclaim people send a truck when we tell them it is full.

The rain just keeps coming. I'm seeing signs of fall. Sometimes September is a dry month, but I said that about August and the road between here and town had water halfway across one lane yesterday from the previous day's rain.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I apologize for the delay in response...with the kids in school and the boys in college...everyone is getting exposed to new populations...and thus, sick....

Not sure about where the guess is the pool..since it drains down's a salt water pool...

As a dumb question, if you wouldn't scatter the poppies in grass,...should I make a pseudo bed?