Sunday, December 23, 2012

May 2012

April Showers did bring May flowers
 I planted another Impatient rose bush.
My lovely Savannah Bird Girl, again

I planted coleus, delphenium, petunias...a lot of these did not make it through the summer heat...also wildflowers were planted in the center....this was one of those areas that, initially, did not meet what I had intended to do.

Creek side...turning green

Magnolia near the creek...sounds like a Zydeco band.

Hydras are really flourishing

Front of the house...

I added a climbing golden "hide" utility poles..but I have sense discovered that it tends to add attention versus hiding

I gave my son,,,,,Iceberg roses for his birthday..what every teenager wants....right?  Yes, but if I were a bachelor I would grow roses....he gives them as thank you gifts and to his girlfriend all the time.

Impatient Rose

Paradise rose


Stump that I planted wild flowers in.


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