Monday, February 11, 2013

Back porch makeover...before and after

This project was relatively quick and easy.  I didn't have to buy anything I just shifted stuff around.  If you haven't followed me before, I have been working on a massive rose garden on the back of the house.  The back of the house is full of windows that had curtains covering them.  As I began redoing the back yard, I had opted to open the curtains.  The informal dining area windows faced a screened porch that was a mess...the following pictures are the "before pictures"
I used it as gardener storage.  

Perlite, shovels etc is what you saw

Well, I opted to move all this stuff to the garage.  I attempted to power wash which made things worse not better but there is pollen everywhere.

After Pictures

This is what you see while eating breakfast.  It's looks like a brunch area.  One day, I will make it a sun room by  replacing the screen with glass and tiling the floors.

Looks like a restaurant almost.  But it's like decorator towels....more for looks.  It does look nicer..but the pollen on the screens are annoying.

Meanwhile...back at the ranch...the springtime show is about to begin...and the lights are flashing.

Pink snow camellias I just planted are starting to bloom

My son bought me this as a gift....from a distance it looks like a surprised owl....I think it might scare birds more than anything....but I do like it.

Recently purchased azaleas

Coleus seeds that I just sowed

Zinnia seeds are popping up

Tulips are surfacing

Know what's a bad idea?   Planting rye grass over daffodils....can't tell what is what...

Snow crocus are sprouting

Icebergs are blooming and yes, black spot....

Knockouts have been blooming

Indian Blankflower has been here all winter...did not take care of it at all and its on a very sandy dry slope

The juniper arches I planted at Thanksgiving looked like they have grown.

This weed personally OFFENDS me......I don't know why but I hate it

Sunny knockout tree blooming

The nursery where I bought all the perinneals let me have the  "holders"   These things come in very handy

These bougainvilleas have never looked so good.  I didn't feed them..but  they received a TON of water...I am discovering the secret to these is water...they say they don't like a lot of water on websites..but I'm gonna go ahead and disagree.

Tulip trees are budding and blooming

Hibiscus in the greenhouse

Easter lilies

Huckleberry..and oh, I am sneezing like crazy this past month.

Tulip tree in the front field

I have planted over 300 a few weeks it will be a show.


NellJean said...

Be sure to smell your magnolia (tulip tree) Mine smells like watermelon.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

You know, it never occurred to me about the a couple of months the magnolias,,property is full of them will start blooming and they stay in bloom what seems like forever but the smell in the air is sooo unmistakeable