Sunday, February 17, 2013

Journal Entry-Freeze and outdoor container plants

Last night was a 30 degree freeze..I have more azaleas, camellias, etc that I can't count them.  They were off the ground in girdles and I opted to put them in the ground.  I watered them well yesterday because I heard that water insulates...This morning the soil was so frozen solid, it even cracked like a windshield.  I didn't know if watering would hurt or help them but I waited till the ice thawed and watered them.  I think they will be okay...time will tell.

Azaleas seemed droopy

Soil was moist when thawed 

Why hello!.....this made my morning better...a crocus had bloomed

The azaleas looked burned


NellJean said...

Time will tell about your plants. It's hard to predict what damage comes from a short freeze of a few hours as compared with several days and nights below freezing. We'll hope for the best.

It's hard to say about plants above ground. I expect nurseries all over the Gulf South have pots of azaleas and camellias sitting outside. Burned foliage will fall off and new will come on when Spring comes. The time you really need to worry is if you see limbs that have long splits in the bark.

I know the crocus cheered you. Dutch bulbs can take some amount of freezing.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Nell...the crocus did cheer me up...I was working on an irrigation design and I didn't save it put me in a foul it was nice to see the little flower saying when you dog is happy to see you after a bad day...