Saturday, February 23, 2013

Building a large rose garden from Scratch.

I suspect that most people who visit this blog, only stop once in a while as I do.  So they may not realize that most of the blog, in past months. is about designing, building, and planting a huge rose garden.  So I decided to add a page dedicated to the progress of it.  That way you can see pictures as I move along.  I am a beginner...(well, I have been gardening for one year) so I do not know how it will end up, but if it was anything last year, I think it will be more flowers than I have ever seen in front of me.  To the point where I am unsure what to expect.  However, the page is under the Home Page...under Building a Huge Rose Garden Pictorial so you can "see" it's progress from end to end...and hopefully...a good result

Below are the two mock ups of what I expect to see.  There are over 100 plants and over 70 rose bushes in this garden section.  It is in the back yard surrounding the pool.  The property is 15 acres but I made this my "personal garden" as I am usually one of the few that visit it, and the area I view the most.....


ketz said...

I would love to see the progress of this project. Maybe you can post some pictures of this projects so we can give also our ideas.

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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@ketz, there is a whole page dedicated to the subject. It under the home page, it doesn't have a lot of description but it's a pictorial of the progress