Monday, February 25, 2013

Creekside Landscape...the creek is a risin'

Last year, my project of the year was this creek.. ( I, always, assume that readers do not follow the blog so if I am repetitive that is why)   I live on 15 acres that is shaped like a rectangle. The driveway to our house is almost a quarter mile long.  The west side of the rectangle (long side) is the property line that is divided by a creek.  Meaning I have miles of creek along the property.  As I landscape, I, always, do non-creekside.  This means that on one side of the driveway is a creek and on the other is a cemetery  which is screened.  Because I intend to clear out the underbrush so that you will be able to walk the creekside from end to end.  

When I moved here I was made aware that a creek was on the property, there is, also, a swamp that I have yet to see...(if you knew me, you would find the fact that I have never ventured toward it amazing).   One day while, walking my driveway I was a reflection through a dense underbrush....Investigating I found that the creek was very, very close to the my excitement, I opted to clear it out.  This took months....In a little bit I'll show you those pictures.  

This is a picture of the driveway and the creek after I cleared .  In the background beyond the tree you see the underbrush.  That is what I had to clear to get to this part of the creek.

When we have hard spring rains, I get very excited.  During most of the year the creek is rather shallow, with the exception of one spot that is over 10 feet deep.  Often, it does not move.  When you drive past it you can tell the creek is there, but you have to look.

Here is what it normally, looks like...

While driving by you can tell it's there, but you have to be looking.....

However, this is what it looks like this morning...

If you want to see more about how this got cleared and landscaped...I'll post the link below.
 Like a raging river...I love to see it like this....

Meanwhile, I wanted to show some flowers that are about to bloom or are blooming...I have learned a new appreciation for camellias, they look like roses...except they bloom when its late fall and winter and don't require near the care....I am going to invest in these more often.
It looks like a beautiful rose doesn't it?
Tulip trees are blossoming

Tulips are emerging

Encore Azaleas true to their name


LTB said...

Wow on the creek

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Yeah, you happen to drive by you are welcome to come look..its still raining..although I can't see it getting any higher...I have seen it higher than this but not much

NellJean said...

Exciting to see tulip foliage. I found a tulip leaf the other day, from long-ago tulips.

Have you tried looking at your property on Google Maps or Wundermap? It's interesting to see what a place looks like from a satellite. You can zoom to the point that you can make out buildings.

The maps may not be very current. Ours still shows an old barn and some dots that are cows which we haven't had in years, but it gives you a picture of how it looks overall. The highway bisects us at an angle so I was able to better understand east and west when I could see that the highway runs kind of northwest to southeast.

You can find a place by street address or by coordinates.

HolleyGarden said...

How fun to have a creek! And I love your camellias. I left you a comment on my blog - my favorite book of all is "Art of the Formal Garden" by Arend Jan Van der Horst. I think you would really like it, too.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Holley, feel free to link the blog post

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell...I have looked at Google maps and yes it is very, very old...I am excited that you are seeing tulips from long ago, I planted Darwin Hybrid Tulips and I presume that I won't see them again

NellJean said...

Mama used to have a clump of tulip foliage in North Georgia that came up every year, never a bloom. I don't know why she didn't dig and replant, she said they were planted too deep, but they just stayed there in the lawn.

I am not going to dig that single leaf. Eventually voles will find what tiny bulb is left, I'm sure and it will disappear.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Nell, My mother-in-law has daffodils...she said that the first year they were beautiful, the second year only a small percentage bloomed...and now they just come and no bloom....I thought, maybe they need to be fed....any thoughts?

NellJean said...

There are any number of reasons daffodils decline.
(1) Cultivar. Some do better in the south than others.
(2) Planting depth. Daffodils have roots that contract to pull them down in the soil. In sandy soil sometimes they pull themselves too deep.
(3) Drought. Sometimes they'll skip a year. I have some that I think are doing that.
(4) Some do better in shade, some in sun. Maybe they're just not happy.
(5) In poor soil, they might indeed need fertilizer. They'll fail to bloom in rich soil sometimes, though.
(6) The tops got cut off before they died back. Green tops after bloom form the next year's bloom. Wait until they turn yellow and fall over, which is not attractive at all but necessary to next year's bloom.
(7) Disease and/or insects are not frequent but possible.

Sometimes you just get daffodils that are cranky. I moved 'Minnow' twice and they bloomed once in several years. 'Rip Van Winkle' just plain never bloomed; great foliage every year, though.

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