Thursday, February 7, 2013

That Je ne sais quoi...from too formal to awesome

Today is my "Saturday"  I woke to pouring rain, and even thought of cleaning the house ...till the rain stopped..but its still looming.  So while still contemplating the notion of actually  cleaning the house (because it doesn't get touched while I'm heavily gardening) I started surfing the web.

I came across this's junk food for the gardening mind....It's a rate my really is fun to do....

Anyway, as I perused through the gorgeous photos of garden makeovers,  the one thing that pops in my head when I see these gardens is that I make the distinction between formal, manicured and overdone.  It's kind of like seeing a very attractive mature lady who has had too much "work" done.  Still very pretty but it's distracting.  

I look at some of these gardens and some (well all) are gorgeous..but some seem too....well fake.  I can't put my finger on why.  Maybe I am just jealous, but I don't think that's it.  Some look like no leaf is out of place...maybe ya'll can pick it out for me...I just know it when I see it.  I love a well designed, manicured's just when it loses the concept of being just turns me off...I guess????

Dang, the rain started again.....................


NellJean said...

You do know that most of those 'perfect' gardens are staged, manicured and photographed in the best season of the year.

I read somewhere that most gardens have about two really stunning views. If you follow a blog long enough, you'll see the mess on the driveway or in the corner of the back yard that nobody usually sees in the offered pics.

When I remember, I try to visit the blog of Town Mouse and Country Mouse for what they call 'First Views' which is a linky party where everybody is supposed to make photos on the first of the month, generally from the same spot, and share. I usually forget.

Oh, and the over-manicured gardens you spoke of have a STAFF of gardeners or at least the mow-blow-go guys.

We went to the city in the rain.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I agree. But once, I had a job that made me drive all over Mississippi. I had always heard how beautiful Natchez was, and one day I had an opportunity to was pretty..but too manicured. Driving north of it was a town called Port didn't try to be just WAS...I have seen really nice landscaped homes..but it has airs of ..Not Real...I have seen them just looks...fake...I don't know how to describe it. Perhaps it's just a quirk of mine. Kind of like this tall wheat looking weed in my personally OFFENDS reminds me of abandonment...just showing my quirkiness I suppose.