Friday, May 23, 2014

6ft Peacock Topiary's 20ft Tail Work Continues....

 If you haven't followed my blog, I am creating a 6 foot peacock topiary with a 20 ft tail.  If I want it relatively done for this growing season the tail needs to go into the ground.  It takes me a whole day to do one "stripe".  Right now, my muscles are screaming after two days of doing this.  On the bright side, I lose 1 to 2 lbs a day for each stripe.  By the time the peacock, is done I should be looking great in a bikini.
In any event, this is what I am replicating, below.
It won't look exactly like this but I think it won't look too bad.  Yesterday I ordered the feathers for the top.  I was also tired of it's bareness, so I ordered a large roll of coconut liner.  I want the liner to be green though.  I may paint or stain it.

The middle feather is marigolds.  The next two feathers are deep purple vinca.  The next two feather that will go in will be mexican heather.  I am probably going to make the tail a bit pointed.  Meaning the feathers will gradually get shorter as you go to the outside.

 The body has confederate jasmine zip tied as it grows.  I also have english ivy on the breast.  In an attempt to fill it faster, I put a lot of morning glory.  This year will probably not look as good as next year but we will see.
You see the Laura keeps me company (whether I want it or not).

There is a drainage issue so I dug trenches along the lines.  I will mulch it as well.  I am going to put an irrigation system in.

At the base I have put edging.  Since I am about to line the interior of the frame I will wail to finish the base so I don't have to fight with mulch while I'm lining it.

This is the head.  I still need to get the eyes and beak.

 It takes me all day.  It may not look like much work but I assure you it is.

The morning glory I planted is starting to sprout.

English Ivy is a slow grower.


Jean Campbell said...

I wonder how many years it took to perfect the ones in the photos you looked at?

I think you are making great progress.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

The one at the arboreteum I think is for rent. I am starting the think they used sweet potato vine. I doubt it will ever be as pretty as the picture but I am okay with that....that place has professional gardener's on staff and charge entry fees...this is just my front yard....but I did love it, and still do if my muscles would stop screaming.