Saturday, May 10, 2014

Journal Notes...Bird in the Garage, Roses and a Brown Pool

Yesterday, I expected a lot of rain and got none.  Instead it came this morning.  But as I was walking I noticed some roses that simply caught my I opted to take pictures.
 I believe this is Granada.

 I posted these on Facebook yesterday and everyone seemed to like Blue Girl the most.  I suppose because she is a pale lavendar.  The picture does not do this justice...or maybe it did but it is not pink at all.
Ketchup and Mustard

First Prize

Fragrant Cloud


 Isabella Jurkiewicz
Gold Medal


New Year (I believe)

 Black Bacarra
Peach Drift

Green Ice

Ebb Tide

Not sure, thought it was Charisma

There is a bird that keeps building a next in our yard every year.  Mom said it was probably a wren and when I looked it up it was.  I did not know if it was still there and it was in a very precarious spot.  It built it on brooms in the corner.  I clearly sweep a lot.  I didn't know if it was still there so I peaked around the corner and a bird was looking at me.

 It's hard to see but if you look you can see the bird.
Problem is if I close the garage it's trapped or it can't get back in.  I don't know if this helps but I put bird seed and water next to the nest in case it gets trapped inside.

The pool is still brown.  My husband had it tested and the saltwater was 300 vs 2600.  All the rain diluted it heavily.

So he put a ton of bags in it.  I was a little concerned that the saltwater landed in the rose garden next to the pool but I think it drained further away.

We'll see if it helps.

 Pruned more rose bushes
Well, this morning it seemed greener...never thought I would happy to see green over brown.

Since we are due heavy rain, my husband put sandbags to deviate water flowing from the drive landing in the pool.

 Magnolias are blooming
 So are the roses.

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