Saturday, May 3, 2014

Record Rain fall

The news stated that we had over 16 inches.  The area residents state 20 inches in 24 hours.  All I know is that I emptied the rain gauge twice and it filled very rapidly.  I had never seen rain fall so hard in my life.

So in the after math, what was the damage.  Not much, very nice given there is a creek that acts as a property line.  It did flood the front field.  The seeds I planted (just planted) probably washed away.  The girl below is my step daughter.  According to the signs of water flow...the water level was probably as tall as her..or almost...

Needless to say the creek broke the berm and then some.

The driveway my husband has been re-rocking? had eroded.
But the peacock still stood.  It's very heavy and is concreted into the ground.  I was happy to see that I don't think hurricane won't bother it if a raging flood couldn't move it.  I was glad I didn't fill it.  Bear in mind, the peacock is over six feet and the debris (thus the water was up to its neck) literally.

That settles it.  I am very happy I did not fill it.  I think it helps not to have had it filled.  What's on it currently is a garden hose the floated up and on it's back.  The rain was was record I suspect this will not be a usual occurrence.
The front field always has such black dirt.  It think I know why, now.  It is all the sediment from the creek landing on it.

The front creek is relatively lower compared to the rest of the property.  Glad I planted a willow tree here as well.  Even today (four days later) it still hasn't dried out.

Drive way eroded.

Wildflower bed

Well where the water is puddled...that's gonna be the tail.  Glad I had not planted it yet.

The lilies survived but looked like the had been through a raging river which they did.

Marigolds driving in the middle of the driveway

God knows where my seeds went but some did sprout.

Some of the arches were pulled from the ground but easily remedied.

Still love the creek.
The pool was brown from all the run off.  What was worse was all the rain, water moccasin came into the pool.  Anyone who has a black bottom pool is very brave.  We have seen four, managed to kill two.

Back rose garden is on a slope.  That is a good thing in this instance.
Ever feel like it's two steps forward and one step back?


Jean Campbell said...

Does this mean that the peacock tail is going to be a Rain Garden?

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Well, if it keeps raining like this it will be. It still hasn't dried out yet. But typically the summers are extremely hot so the fact that it retains water better is a good thing. It usually does these kinds of rain in February and March.