Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Miniature Roses as Cut Flowers

I have greatly underestimated miniature roses.  They seem dainty, delicate and for use only in the landscape.  I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that the make GREAT cut flowers for arrangements.  Now my arrangement skills are sorely lacking but flowers are still pretty.  Above is green ice paired with black baccara.  I found this to be quite elegant looking.
While pruning my many roses, I forgot why I grew them in the first place.  To have cut could I forget.  My mother asked me if I was burned out from gardens...I said years ago!  When I tell her I haven't been working in the gardens...I mean I don't put in 6 to 8 hours into it.  But on a given day I work one to two hours in the gardens.  In any event, I opted to cut flowers.  When I look for roses, I look for ones partially open.   The great thing about the miniatures is that I don't wait for that.

 Peach drift was another great miniature that blooms in abundance.
 Green ice has become a delight!
Just other roses I opted to use

I had a random lily blooming so I opted to pair it with ivy.

JFK and Mister Lincoln I believe

Today, I will continue to prune the rose bushes.

 You can see green ice blooms in abundance
Peach Drift.

Arrangement I put in the foyer.  I used bottled lemonade as the mixture but I don't care for the color like I do mountain dew and sprite.

I used bottlebrush in some of them.  Again, not the greatest in arrangements but I'll learn.

I did like the ivy with the lily in an old milk bottle.  I thought it looked artistic.


Jean Campbell said...

You have a great imagination, Janie. Who else would think of bottled lemonade in a clear container?

Do you have Red Cascade? The blossoms are miniature but the rose throws long thorny canes than are anything but small. They would like to spread along the ground and make ground cover. I corraled mine with cedar limbs to force them upright. They tend to escape.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I have a lot of red climbers but not that one. As far as red climbers (and if memory serves...) I have altissimo, don juan, and american climbing blaze. I have isabella...which is mine that appears to be a climber, and I rose that I bought that was called charisma but I am not so sure now.