Thursday, May 29, 2014

Journal Notes...Peacock Tail Continues, Trimming Popcorn Trees, Pool

After my muscles were screaming so long, I opted to work on something else.  So I decided to cut the popcorn trees growing by the pool.  I had already cut these down once but since I did not kill the roots, it grew back, fast!
I used lopers, hedge clippers and tree pruner (thingy).  I call everything a thingy.

Popcorn trees and pools do not mix.  There is a big oak near the house that needs to come down too.

The pool continues to drain.  There is a hole in the liner we eventually found.

The rose garden still has a trench and "zone 5" that needs to be completed.

I need to clear the path to the garage as well.

My husband was in the pool making sure that the schematic measurements were correct.  The liner had lasted about 10 years.  I did not care for it at all, so I was not upset to get to pick the new liner.

Rose garden looks better this memorial day than it did last year.  Last year, the grass was all dead.

18 x 36 oval pool.  You can see the tear in it behind my husband.

Roses and canna

Did go to lowe's and buy more annuals.  They, also, had a sale on mulch.  No matter how diligent I am, it takes me a full day to plant a tail.  Now matter how early I get up, if I manage to get them in the ground it's not before 1pm.

Yes, it appears I am using "hot colors" when peacocks have cool colors.

Morning Glories are coming up except for one.

I am going to be filling the peacock with coconut liner, but I want to color it green.  Will have to look up how.

I bought salvia. Next year I will probably pick different plants but if I don't get them in the ground now, it won't look decent by the fall.....they are called the Gardens of October, or at least they will be. I realize that aside from liking October, that is truly when they are ready to show.

This bulb digger was a godsend.  With 36 plants a tail, this saved an hour off my prep time.

Some of the marigolds were on clearance.  As insurance, I planted seeds in the holes too.

20 bags of mulch.

Sorry for the picture sideways but this is what the holes looked like.  I actually weeded this before screening.  I am learning, albeit slowly.

It's getting there.

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Martine Alsace-Vignoble said...

Hi, I found your blog just by browsing around on other ones and I loved seeing all your work! When I saw that you were in Alabama, I just had to stop by. We lived in Al for a few years and I went to Decatur High school. I certainly don't remember seeing beautiful gardens in Decatur, summers were so hot! My garden is new too, we created it last may 2013, and as I think I saw on some of your pictures, I also plant on a 'liner'...don't know the name in english, sorry!Come visit my garden, it's in France and french.
Best regards Martine