Friday, May 9, 2014

Journal Notes....Back Porch

Well, we have been working hard on getting the pool clear but it is uphill battle.  However, since the pool is brown then powerwashing the back porch, I don't think it can make it worse.
I saw too many spiders (some were black widow and recluses on the porch).  Worse I saw many eggs.  The pollen had gotten thick and the container plants needed to be put back on the porch.  

The furniture designed for indoor did not fare well outside so I opted to store them inside.  The porch was ( I think) poorly designed.  The water pools towards the house versus away.  I wish it could have at least been level.  But as a result, it causes many issues with mud, dirt, pollen.

As a result of the water pooling towards the house it is hard to wash away the water.  At the very least I can attempt to wash away the pollen.  I will eventually glass this area to make a sunroom.

You can see how thick the pollen is.

I took the panels to wash.  They have held up well except for one.  

The stress from storms and wind put stress on the fabric.  I may replace this panel with a stronger panel.  I'll mend this and put it on the other end of the porch.

It took me forever to wash the porch and the chairs but I am comfortable all bugs and eggs are gone now.

The container plants are in bad need of pruning, repotting, feeding etc but I suspect they will look much better shortly.

The ivy in this container has grown long. I am considering putting it on the peacock.

People have asked to come visit the gardens recently.  The gardens are such an embarrassment at the moment, I asked for a month.  It will take me that long to get it in at least a half decent state.  It's good to get it manicured.  There are going to be the gardens of October (one day) and there is also a wedding I am helping with so I will be pretty busy by October.  I am going to get a zero turn mower so that will be a great help.

Begonias need pruning.  I am encouraging the roses to grow up the pillar but no longer around it, I think?

The one thing that looks beautiful, however my neglect, is the roses.

I am washing the linens and will need to repair the clock.

Mystic dahlia is doing well.

I think I can get things agreeable in 29 more days.

I would like the ivy on the peacock but I may be overwhelming it with too many plants....

Very forgiving begonias

Ferns need much care.  Some need to be repotted

It's getting there.


Jean Campbell said...

People tend to ask to visit after the azaleas and early spring delights are done and before the summer flowers get going.

You have a full plate again this year, Janie. I feel confident that you can get it done, but do take care of yourself. You know the routine: hat and gloves, plenty of water to drink, frequent breaks, ask for help.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Heat does sneak up on ya, doesn't it?