Saturday, May 24, 2014

Journal Notes...Rose Garden, Pool, & Peacock

The pool's liner has a leak.  So we will be replacing it.  I am not saying I am upset about this.  I didn't care for the liner and it pleases me to help choose the new one.  I have been comparing memorial days, or at least I did last year to the year before.  Not sure if this year is better.  As an accountant, I use a "balance sheet" concept to snapshot a point in time to compare.  I am hoping one day it will seemed to be improved but I notice that gardeners tend to be their own worst critic.

I intend to use Mexican Heather for some of the peacock tail or I may use another type of flower.  It's easier to buy a pallet than move theses.

 I need a break from the peacock.  So this weekend I was going to work on the back rose garden.  Weeding, pruning, feeding, mulching etc.  Today, is gonna be a scorcher and my muscles hurt terribly so I may start on it this evening.
The trench where the water pipe still isn't filled in so I need to do that.

The lead hose to the water timer is leaking so will be fixing that and pruning these bottlebrushes and azaleas.  I was gonna move the bottlebrush but I sit on the porch watching one hummingbird after another eat them so I think they will stay.

The bed with the sundail is completely overrun.  The morning glory that I did not plant can stay but the rest goes and it needs to be finally irrigated.

Side bed looks okay but needs to be weeded...again.  I should have used the preen.

Hydragengea irrigation systems seems to not be flowing properly but they are blooming anyway.

Easter lilies are starting to bloom.


I mulched the peacock tail last night.  It took six bags and it really wasn't enough.  Will have to go to Lowe's instead of the co-op.

Morning glories are popping up.

Pennington wildflower mix that I planted two years ago and never again (because I don't have to)  It reseeds itself.  They are starting to come up.

I can tell now the daylilies from the once blooming lilies that my Aunt Agnes gave me.  Not all the wildflower seeds I planted had washed away so those are coming as well.

I don't know what this purple flower is but I thought it was pretty.

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