Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clock is ticking...dates on photos are wrong, changed batteries

If you haven't followed my blog before, I have been working on a large rose garden in the backyard.  I went to buy mulch this morning at the co-op, and I noticed they got their roses in.  There were bare root roses in pots.  The price tag was $15.99.   I know I will be buying from the co-op this year but I knew those were bare root which something suddenly dawned on me.  I have a huge area for a rose garden that I intend on putting roses in but bare roots are only sold around here one time of I called the store and made sure that they had bare roots in stock.  It's a big difference between five dollars and fifteen dollars, especially when you have an addiction to roses like I do.  The dates are wrong on the photos, I changed batteries

This morning the Ch-ching is still beautiful.  No, I doubt she will bloom this early next year because she was planted in a pot from the greenhouse.

Same holds true with the Orlando Rose

I have been working on a second path, 

Lovely Orlando rose.  For some reason, I have been adverse to buying pink roses but from what I have been reading, Belinda's Dream and Queen Elizabeth roses are great,, I am going to get over it.

Ch-ching rose had a friend visit

Mulched the newly planted plants

I agree with HolleyGarden (another blogger) mulch does look so nice

I believe NellJean (another blogger) said this was George Tabor and the pinks were Pride of Mobile

Encore Azaleas ...gave them a touch of fertilizer

Memphis music roses

Sweet olive tree

Thre front is looking a lot better

Encore Azalea

I have no idea what I am going to do with these mums...I want to put them in the ground

Zinnia seedlings popping up

Hey I finally got it right!  My rose cutting grew a new leaf...I wonder if I should take it out of the pots that the other cuttings are in/

Gerber Daisy saying hello.

I never understood exactly what moss roses were but I have a lot of them

Different kind of moss rose?

Uh oh...more seeds....let's this years games begin


Tulip trees are budding

It was 73 and windy enough to be a tropical storm...cold weather coming in tonight but I am glad it was windy...gave me an idea of how the plants stand up during hurricanes.


NellJean said...

How bad did the winds get at your place. We escaped the tornado that went slightly to the south.

Grateful for rain.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

It was tropical storm force it seemed. The plants in the back garden that I have working on held up well. The slope and the house seemed to help.

NellJean said...

Are you familiar with the Grumpy Garden (Steve Bender of Southern Living) blog?

Grumpy Gardener

You may find some of his advice helpful.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I remember reading it before and went to look about the bare root roses...also purchased the ebook on simply roses.....will look at some more...I just bought 21 bare roots and have today and tomorrow to prep them.

HolleyGarden said...

I love seeing other people's roses - everyone seems to have different ones than I do, and I really enjoy seeing all the different varieties. Like you, I started with yellows, reds and orange roses. I finally put in a bed with whites, creams, and some pinks. I guess one can never have enough roses - or too many! :)

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I told my husband if I can still see grass, and roses aren't hanging off all the can't have too many..once he said, don't you have enough?? I gave him the biggest pouty look ever. He would have been better off saying I am would be a toss up.