Saturday, January 26, 2013

Feeling accomplished...imagination running wild

Spring Fever must be hitting..or at least my allergies are...I got so many ornamentals in the ground.  Last year, was my first year trying to garden.  I had no idea what to expect....I thought I was putting sticks in the fall I was amazed at how many flowers I had...I was dripping in the them.  I have been working on the backyard since the beginning of the year which is all of the three weeks.  I had bought a ton of ornamentals from a nursery that was closing.  It was very tempting to put those ornamentals all over the property but I am proud I stay focused...So yesterday, I got a lot more in the ground...I knew it was going to be fabulous...maybe because I know see what plants do and realize what they look.  I don't know but I knew it was going to look exhausted, you bet ya...but the backyard I consider my "personal" garden and the one I see the most.  So I wanted it to be spectacular...
I ran it through the landscape designer to see what it looked like...couldn't help myself.

This is a diamond shape section of the yard.  It has paths to walk to the pool from the backyard and a path down the center to keep people from walking through the roses... I list what here from front to back

 First row sky pencil ..lorepetlum  sky pencil   lorapetlum    sky pencil

Encore azalea       Encore Azalea        Encore azalea

Endless summer hydra   Endless summer hydra  Gardenia

Mexican heather Merxican Heater Japanese yew  Agarista

Ocala Anise  Japanese Yew

Mexican Heather  Magnolia.(grew there wild)



View of Path from the back porch

I think I got impatient planting the mexican heather...may have to cover them but they were cheap and grew huge if this one freezes the out edges have burned

The other side of the path..Mexican Heather, Ocala Anise, mexican Heather, snow ball, and camellia line this  side...
Behind it is the rose garden...this has approx 30 so far...will have more when they come in

There is a giant tree stump in the middle of the diamond...I think I want to construct a "box" and place a statue or plant on the box.

The second path I have started on.  Roses are the front of the left side...hydras will be on the right corner under the shady area...this is line with pittosporum, sweet olive and camellia..going front to back

I do love these pittosporums...they are like bonsai trees

I put a serious dent in the things I need to get planted...there are two huge plants in the front but this is the last of the big least the ones outside of the greenhouse

It was a truly gorgeous day....about 65 and breezy..had to take a garden walk....This is my creekside landscape...the wind was blowing the spanish moss....
Our driveway is canopied by lanterns and oaks and spanish moss...I love the sense of nostalgia and spookiness altogether

My front field juniper arches are growing very fast


HolleyGarden said...

Oh, it looks wonderful! And I like your idea of constructing some kid of box with a statue or other focal point on top. It really is fabulous. :)

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Thanks, Holley. I haven't checked but I hope you get a chance to look at the post before this.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Million dollar question, is will the box stop the tree stump...what kind of box..cinderblock, brick...wood would be easier...and it on a slope...I think it will be easier to figure out over some issues..I have had.