Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sky Pencils and Bare Root Roses

   I was busy outside working on planting my bare root roses because I had  read on some extension websites that this time of year is fine, to plant bare root roses....I maybe wrong, but it has been very warm and last year I planted at this time so I was going to try it. (Truth is I am being a bit impatient).

    I had grouped the flowers and started planting the bare roots...but much to my frustration, I picked up the pots and forgot what went where....I started scribbling, frantically, on a piece of paper ....trying to map where I had put something ........when my son came outside.

     My son is 17 and about to go off to college.  The whole world is exciting to him.  (I am, almost, envious.) He had his computer in hand.  My son plays the guitar and sings.... He has aspirations of being a musician but, thankfully, listened to me about college.

    He has been busy creating songs and just finished creating the music for one and recorded it.  He rushed outside with his computer so that I could hear his work.

    He played it and it was a  beautiful instrumental that he had not yet wrote the lyrics to.  It was very much like Kansas' "Dust in the Wind" but with a bluegrass undertone.  I said, "It's beautiful."  "What will the song be about?"  He said, "Madison Square Garden."  I looked at him puzzled.  I said," But you have never been to Madison Square Garden."

  He went on the explain that it's about wanting to go to Madison Square Garden and performing a great concert and being successful.  He went on to say that he had seen pictures and watched videos of concerts there and he thinks it would be awesome.  (paraphrasing)

  I gave my opinion of the concept.  I said this later to him.

"I think roses are the most beautiful flower in the world.   I pointed to the sky pencils.  I planted those sky pencils so that people could see how beautiful my roses are.  If people see something that is "okay" and have something spectacular next to it, it will shine.  I explained that perhaps in his song he should sing about Alabama, and how Madison Square Garden will be so much better.  You need a point of relativism.  People can appreciate happiness if they know sadness (not to suggest Alabama is sad...I love living here)

    I said that I feel your audience will empathize with you more if they can relate to where you are (mundane and ordinary) and why you want something better (exciting and passionate).  My sky pencils are Alabama.  My roses are Madison Square Garden.  

 The irony is that I have never actually seen the roses I was planting.  Only pictures.  But I want to put the sky pencils down so that the roses will be that much more beautiful.  I think in analogies....but I wrote a post before on this subject.  Sorry if it seems a bit abstract.  Anyway, I thought I would share.

This is the link to the post....How do I want roses to fit into my garden?

Ch-ching...rose that he bought me for Christmas.

Another Ch-ching

He, also, bought me this Moondance Rose.
What things looked like while the conversation was going on....

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