Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Evergreen, Perennials, and Ornamentals...Oh, my

The nursery that's closing has such deals I have family members coming over a lot to scoop up the incredible deals.  This is yesterday's take.   6 - Japanese Yews 4 - George Tabor Azaleas 3 - Bottle brushes 3 Osmanthus sweet olive 3 Pittosporums 3 Ocala Anise and 6 Pink snow camellias.....total price $46.75.
I am going to post a web image of these but I will hyperlink to the source to give credit but I want to see how these things look in a landscape....

Pretty big ones  - I forgot to take a close up of the sweet olives

Bloom on the pink snow azalea bush

George Tabor azalea

Japanese Yew

Ocala Anise 
Pink snow camellia

Pittosporum Variegated

Gonna have to get the landscape program out and also look at the care and size, water requirements etc to put this in proper place...I planted one of the sky pencils really close to a pussy willow...different watering requirements..gonna place close attention next time.

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