Saturday, July 6, 2013

Journal Note...Pumpkin Patch, Deadline Removed

I have opted to remove the self imposed deadline of August 1.  Between feeling so pressured that I spin my wheels and needing to take care of other things, it will be done when it's done...this is fun, and deadlines diminish fun.
Gave a flower arrangement to my vet and a thank you card...My dog, Pearl, is okay.

I went with Memphis Music, Gold Medal and Ivy.

Rose garden

Back corner flower bed

Laid out the pumpkin patch, but with heavy rains the seeds may have washed away.  Made a new page for it.

We had 2 inches of rain last night.  The creek was breaking the bank

Outside you can hear the creek from the back porch.  It can be a raging river.

Creek is really high.

Wildflowers reseeded from last year.

Water standing in front field.  Will bare that in mind for peacock.




Staghorn fern

Wildflowers that I didn't plant

Junipers and camellias

cashmere bouquet

Another wildflower that I did not plant.

Magnolias still blooming

side of house

back garden


NellJean said...

All the rain really makes plans change quickly. Sets the plants a-growing and the weeds, too.

You might rethink the peacock to be a mounded, shaped peacock tail that could drain despite the water, or move it to higher ground. It's getting harder and harder to find high ground as the ground gets wetter.

I'm seeing blooms I had not expected. Daylilies are reblooming, Hydrangea divisions that I expected to bloom next year have flowers already.

Your reseeding Zinnias and things look good.

Anonymous said...

hi that wild flower is wild orka love all your hard work you have done a great job

NellJean said...

Janie, Your Mother needs a blog, too.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Lol...or at least need to type her name....

NellJean said...

We recognize your footprint, Mom-of-Janie. Most Anonymous comments are spam. Hers are always supportive and helpful.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I think she would like to blog, but she is not yet very comfortable with computers.