Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Fall, Darwinian, Wildflower Checkerboard...Sorta

Keeping in theme with the "Gardens of October" I opted to plant wildflowers.  I had put it off all spring because of the project I was working on.  However, I wanted one final blast of color.  The front field had largely been ignored so I planted wildflowers.
It's not really a checkerboard because I found staggering holes to be difficult when mowing or watering.  But given the angle it will look staggered.  I spaced them for two reasons, well three.  First, to give them space (sorta, I'll explain that one in a minute), second because I wanted to mow around them, and finally so I can easily weed it.

The reason why I call it Darwinian, is because I put so many seeds in those (roughly) 20 holes, something will come up.  Now, in respect to space...if they are act like my zinnia in the back, I may not be able to find the spaces between them.

There are some sunflower seeds in there that I stored, but I don't know if they are any good.  I, also, mulched, it identify it more than anything.  There is also zinnia, marigold, cosmos, etc etc.  I don't expect the first blooms until September, but that will be 2 if not 3 months of flowers...  And by the time they need attention my backyard project, should be done.

I checked historical weather from the last two years.  A safe bet for the first frost is around Thanksgiving here.  If you want to check your frost dates or historical weather, click HERE.  Last year I had a ton of wildflowers, but I had wonderful surprise (for now).
They came back.  This is a different section but I didn't plant, feed or water any of these.  As matter of fact, I mowed it down several times this year, before I opted not to.  I love no maintenance flowers.

These sulfur cosmos are growing in gravel and hard clay.


It is nice to have flowers until I address this part of the property, which I am sure one day they will be a pain, but if you got to have weeds, let them be flowers!

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